In this lesson 13 of the email course gratuitous marketing we approached one of the most important questions and more forgotten the management of clients: how to maintain the data of our up-to-date clients?

In this video you are going to discover the importance of registering the date of the last visit to our business of each clients, as well as the amount of the purchase, and other data of consumption. This is made later for being able to realise automatic campaigns that go off when a client has spent more than 10 Euros in his last visit, or that is sent a bond gift to that client who has realised 10 purchases in our business, for example.

Then, to be able to maintain that data type we must do it at the time of the consumption in the premises by means of the Web responsive of Mailchimp, filling up the specific fields.

But because this work is quite complex and could interfere in your daily work, we have developed a tool (still developing) that only allows you introducing the amount and the family of product, that the rest of the information is updated automatically, only with 2 clicks and in very few seconds. I invite to you to that you discover it in the video that comes next.

And your how you maintain the data of your up-to-date clients? Tell it to me in the commentaries.

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