Nowadays still a great majority of local small businesses exists that do not count on a website/corporative blog. And many of the businesses that yes have a website/corporative blog only conceive their site as an extension of the old publicity but in digital format.


We find proprietors who think that to have a website/blog of the business is simply an actual requirement, that is to say, that only the important thing is to have it, and is not that!


A website by only made have will not contribute it any value to your business. Good if, your friendly will say that it is very dandy¦


If you try that your website repels positively in your account of results and takes clients to your local business, you must separate from the website of Whom we are, where we are, contacts to us little and more.


At the moment, you must see your website as an extension of your business in the network, where you must present your Unique Proposal Sales, that is to say, because I must buy to you and not another one or why I must enter your business and not any other.

A profitable website that contributes value to the business must fulfill a series of requirements:


#1 Tener the information of accessible contact quickly on the front page

You only have enters 5 10 seconds to capture the interest and to give the information that it looks for your visitor. Accessible Tenla right away in the initial page. That they do not have it search!


#2 Capturar the data of your visitor

The great majority of businesses does not capture the data of their visitors to try to later turn them into clients by means of email marketing. For that reason they time and time again pay to campaigns of Adwords or Facebook Ads, throwing to the trash literally almost all the investment, or are able to take views of finders that never return to visit the site.

If your captures at least the email of your visitors, you are in front of 99% of your competitors. It will very cheap turn out to you to later turn them into clients.


#3 focused Estar to position your products or services in the local search

The pages of the website of your business must be raised to position what your visitors look for, not the brand of your business. Unless your business is a very great business or has enormous amounts of money to invest in channel Internet, you must focus to optimize your pages by œpizza median in Barcelona instead of œGonz¡lez Pizzeriums (it is an example).


#4 Acercar and to make accessible the person or people who are behind the business

To the people we like to buy people, more than to great brands or corporations. And this truth in the local world is still more overwhelming.

It discovers who or who is behind the business.

Your clients want to know Pepe and Maria, to put expensive and to be able to trust to them them.


#5 Resolver doubts that the visitor can have on your business

You have the opportunity to solve doubts of your visitors. Nobody purchase with doubts. It solves doubts, and will arrive the sales and the visits at your premises.


#6 Dar tries social of your work

All we are scared to mistake us when buying. Easy P³nselo. It places opinions of your clients who speak of your good one for doing.

Demonstrate to them that in your business you are really good. And nothing better for that than is your own clients who convinces to them with their real and sincere testimony.


#7 Aportar value to your visitor

If you contribute to value knowledge the client is going to trust you and you can be turned into his shoemaker, optician, jeweler, etc of confidence.

Help them to solve that is looking for when they arrive at the website of your business.


#8 Posicionar to your business as expert in your niche of market

All we want to work with the best ones. And to demonstrate that we dominated perfectly our market there is nothing no better than to write envelope he.

You must use your website (better blog for this case) to educate to your clients on your products and services, demonstrating to your visitors who you are the expert majors, at least, of your city or region.

That they know that œIf trusts you they will hand over good.

In a post later I will develop to this idea shaping 22 pages or sections that must have the website of your local business to be able to satisfy these requirements, and therefore, to take business to your local busines.
Does the website of your local business satisfy these requirements? Fulfill Them do all? You agree in which these are requirements that all website of local business would have to fulfill? I will like to know to your opinion and your experiences in the commentaries of this entrance.



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Joan Serra Valls I am called Joan, I been forty years old and alive in Lleida. My work is excited. I dedicate myself to learn, to teach and to apply the rules of Marketing online to the local businesses. It enchants to me to collaborate in the growth of the businesses of my clients and readers.