One of the main problems with which are the proprietors of local businesses at the time of constructing a website of its business is to establish what pages must have their website.


For this reason, in this entrance I am going to enumerate the 22 pages to you that all Web of a local business must have.


The traditional prescription totally is exhausted


By all the traditional websites with 5 or 6 sections, totally static are known, that the local businesses use as œpamphlet, that is to say, extension of the done publicity name brand in paper.


Normally, these websites consist of Page of home, We, Products, Location and Contact.


Like in the case of the publicity name brand or branding, this type of websites has never served to only secure to one sale not one visit of a client to your business.


In them a single call to the action does not exist. The visitor who arrives at this website goes away by where she has come without possibility of returning.


In the best one of the cases, this website can serve so that it looks for the direction or telephone of your business finds it.


At the present time no longer it is necessary to have a website to only present this information contact. This information already is available in social directories and networks.


Examples of this type of websites we can present many, since all that realise great companies of sale of Webs by telephone almost follow this unproductive scheme totally.



The prescription with all the essential ingredients, TODAY, so that your website contributes to value and sales to your business

Even though that I enumerate the 22 sections that, in my opinion, are most important in a website of local business, perhaps in your case you do not need to include them all. Evidently, for example, if you do not sell any type on watch, you will not include that section in your website.

#1 Home


Without a doubt one is the most important page of your site.


Many from the visitors to your website will enter your website through this page. For that reason you must deal with it special way and consider it strategic.


For this reason, you must construct a Home (page of Home) that constitutes a Landing Page (landing page).


In this page you must, at least, include the following information and the following elements:


“ Logo

“ NAP (Name, Direction and telephone of the business)

“ Hour of opening to the public

“ Menu of navigation

“ Unique proposal of Sales (To title + 3 benefits for your clients)

“ Summary of prizes and recommendations

“ Extract of opinions of clients

“ Information of products or quick services that

“ Form of capture of the email of your visitors (leads) with its call to the action (to register itself)

“ Map of location of the business

“ Links to the pages of revisions of clients (Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor,,¦)

“ Listing of recent entrances in your blog

“ Bellboys of social networks

As you see, there are many elements that you must include in your initial page. Are All of them including in your initial page at the moment? only some?


By his importance, in some days I will publish a post specific on the suitable elements and location that must contain a page of home of a local business focused to turn visitors into prospectuses and clients.


#2 About/We


This is the page that almost the 100% of the local businesses they have in his website.


I recommend to you that you call œYour lawyer or œYour haberdashery (according to each type of business), since thus you will improve the local positioning in the finders of this page.


In this page you must include a description of whom you are, or who you are, giving details of your philosophy, your objectives and your form to work.


Also you can include descriptive aspects of the average materials on which it counts your business.


#3 Why we


This page is another one of most important in your website.


It must contain your . That is to say, why they must buy to you, or why they must enter to buy to your store or to have dinner to your restaurant.


You must make clear what you give to your clients what differentiates from your competitors (Examples to you: familiar treatment, price, give express,¦).


If you nonDAS good reasons so that they buy to you, nobody will do it.


#4 Blog


This section is today essential for any local business. If you do not communicate with your potential clients by Internet you are, or you will be shortly, outside the commercial circuit of your sector.


Your clients and prospectuses are or looking for and inquiring in Internet before realising purchases or consuming services.


On the other hand, today, even in the local purchases or consumptions, the clients buy to those who are some expert in their matter and they help them to solve problems and doubts.


Thus for example, if a runner or mediator of insurances writes on situations that occur in the life of a policy, or on what he is due to make when a wreck in highway is taken place, or other aspects that knows and dominates on its matter, is going to gain credibility against his local clients and prospectuses.


Definitively, with a blog you are going to gain specialist prestige, and are going to secure that positioning of specialist who advises and understands her client who as much is going to you to differentiate from the great companies of impersonal treatment.


#5 Services (individual Service)


Unlike what they make the majority of local businesses in his websites, you do not have to only make a page or section of œServices where you enumerate all that your business serves.


I recommend to you that you construct to a page œServices where the services are enumerated that quick, but that each of those services connect with a secondary page of the service in particular. In this concrete page on watch you must make a description of the service and to enumerate the benefits that its hiring will report.


Speak at length you in the description of each service.


In each of those secondary pages on watch concrete you must talk about to that service within the city where it quick. Thus, within the section œdental Services, a dental clinic would have a secondary page that could be called œBlanqueamiento, in which would make reference to œBlanqueamiento in Barcelona.


To construct therefore to the section œServices will give more and better information to your visitors, and (it is very important) it will far better position the page of your service for the local searches.


#6 Products (individual Product)


All the expressed one in the previous point of œServices is worth for this section.


I only want to include here a concrete reference to the sector of the Restoration.


In the case of the Web of a restaurant, you must include a section where all the plates will be enumerated, and just as I propose in the case of the services, you will construct a page for each plate of the Letter.


In this individual plate page, I recommend to you that aside from including the description and the image of the plate you also include its ingredients, the prescription, and even some video of how you elaborate it.

#7 Equipment (member individual Biography)


With this section you will do just like with the sections œServices and œProducts.


In the case of being more than a person in the equipment, you will have to construct to a page œEquipment where it is the listing of all the people who comprise of your equipment. Each one of the elements of this listing must connect to an own biographical page for each member of the equipment.


In the page of each Member he will be very positive to include the photography of the person, since all we preferred œto buy to and œtrusting people of meat and bone with full name. Also you will place in this page of each member, its professional information, although I recommend you that you do it with a very personal touch, as if you will appear a friend. This will strengthen the bows of confidence between your business and the visitors of the website.


In case your local business is taken care of only by you, it is important that you modify the name of the page œEquipment to œOn me and in her you include a presentation yours with a very personal image.

#8 FAQ


FAQ is an acronym of in English (Frequently Asked Questions).


One treats that the visitor of the site finds in this section the answer to the questions that is formulated inner when it visits your website and report of what your local business can do by him.


Surely, surely, that the questions that to you your clients do of actual way on your products or services, or your form to work, or your prices, or I that I know, repeat myself of habitual way. Then one treats that them DES answer before those questions or doubts become a limitation for the contact, the visit or the purchase.


Many people, when they have doubts they estresan themselves and they leave the idea to buy, to visit or to consume in your business.


Advance and give them confidence to you in your business!

#9 Testimonies

Your clients are only going to sell better than you your business.


If you affirm that your pizzas are the best ones of the city you will have to demonstrate it. If he affirms it a client is a veracity indication for that reads it. If they affirm it many clients are an absolute TRUTH for whom she reads it.


It is very important that you count on a page where they are the opinions and recommendations of your clients.


These testimonies can be as much in format video as in format text, or both.


No business would have to only leave its reputation into the hands of great corporations as Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Tripadvisor, etc¦ It is necessary that you have your own testimonies in your website!

#10 Contact


This section is the typical section of Contact that counts on a form that it sends what it is written in him to an e-mail to be taken care of.


In spite of the existence of the social networks, today it continues being an essential section anywhere Web.


#11 Location/Where we are


This section, that many denominate œWhere we are, many local businesses include it within the section œContact. For my this practical one it is an error.


The page of this section must count on two blocks: a block with the Map of Google (never, please, an image of the map but the absorbed code of the map), and another block with the data of contact, the mailing dress and the schedule of attention to the public.

#12 Facilities


In case of local businesses as restaurants, bars, academies, spas, etc., where the facilities on which count a business can be fundamental within the consumption or purchase decision, he is very advisable to include this section of individual way, since it will give to major visibility him to one of strength of your business.


For the cases in that he is not so determining, the information and images of the facilities can include within the section œAbout or œWe.

#13 Political of privacy


In spite of being a page with little visibility, its existence is obligatory by law (at least in Spain).


In her you must eg: establish very important questions for the relation between your website (your local business) and your visitors and prospectuses the use of cookies, the registry of tu/s marca/s, the use of the compiled information, or the information of contact (the mercantile one) of your business.

#14 Portfolio


In case your local business is a business where one of detonating of purchase and the credibility they are the previous works, this section of most important and of will be visited of your website.


In this assumption are painters, electricians, blacksmiths, constructors, artists, hairdressing salons, etc¦


As he showed you in the case of œServices, you must construct to a page each work and to nourish it of images and videos of great quality.


He leaves your works speak by your business!

#15 Galleries of Photos


All business has things that to communicate and must communicate them.


There are things that communicate far better with images.


There are visitors whom they prefer to look at photos or videos that to read texts.


For those cases he is very interesting to count on a section œGalleries of Photos or œGalleries of Images, where, classified in galleries to make more consultable that material, these can be consulted.

#16 Galleries of Videos


It serves all the explained one in the previous section.

#17 In the press


Many local businesses generate the news in mass media (if it is not thus, would have to do it).


It will give much credibility to your local business to have within reach of your visitors a section where these can consult the appearances of your business, as much in average digitalises as in the traditional ones.


#18 Prizes and recognitions


If your local business has gained some local prize, national or international, you must give the diffusion him that deserves in your website.


Only there is a thing better than to gain a prize to your work: that people know that they have given that prize you.

#19 History/Origins


There are local businesses to which, in his wall-plate in the market, it can interest to them to create a section that is constituted in a stroll by the different moments from the history of that business.


If, for example, your store of clothes is of third generation, certainly you have images and memories of how they were the products, the store and your clients in the different decades that your family and you take with the open shop.


It takes advantage of this aspect emphasizing it in a specific section for it, since it reinforces your added value of knowledge of the product and market, and your wall-plate as member your local community.


If your local business, on the contrary, is only some few years old, it has little sense to include this section. In this case I recommend to you that you include a minimum of information on the year of opening of the business in the page œAbout or œWe.

#20 Cases of success


To have a section of œTestimonies where your clients speak of your products or services or of your business are very interesting.


But this does not prevent that you count how your local business has served to people or companies as the local community to secure its objectives.


Unlike the section œPortfolio, in this section we will not be satisfied in showing to the final result of our work or product, but we will explain how a certain client who was in a situation To, happened to reach his objective in situation B thanks to our products or services.


An example would be the case of a Hall Weddings and banquets that can count the history of Fulanito and Menganita, since they contacted with the Hall until the day of his Wedding, and how was all the process of creation of a perfect experience for those grooms in that Hall Weddings.

#21 Captura de Leads


A section or element that is between 3 more important of this list and that, peculiarly, almost never appears in the websites of local businesses is a page or an element where we ask the visitor who leaves his email us of contact.


It is verified that stops to sell products or services to a visitor of your Web (and my to obtain that a visitor of your website calls to you or visits to your store or restaurant it is TO SELL) make contact lacking as minimum 7 with that prospectus.


That is the reason by what it is so important to capture the data of our visitor: in order to be able to later establish a relation with him by means of email marketing. That relation, after several contacts, must fructify with a telephone call or a visit to the business.


The great majority of local businesses does not tell with that a visitor who does not leave his data more likely never will leave nor a Euro in his recording box.


Ah, by the way! Never, I repeat, never, you are spent neither a cent in publicity (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Banners advertising) to attract clients your local business without having or visible a form of capture of prospectuses (leads). If it beams, you threw practically all your money to the trash.

#22 Coupons


A good option to be able to verify of easy and cheap way if your webpage is helping your local business is to create a section œCoupons or œSupplies. In this section the visitors will be able to accede to some type of supply if they call or they visit your business to you.


Mainly you must remember to the visitors of your website the steps that must give to exchange the coupon (to call and/or to take the coupon to you to your business).


If coupons or calls do not arrive speaking of the coupon, your website is not very possibly being used to you for almost anything.


I want to clarify 2 questions that seem important to me:


#1 all the 22 sections for all the businesses are not necessary


According to the sector and the own characteristics of each local business some sections that will be necessary and other will exist that no.


#2 all the pages do not have to be in the main menu as main items


As very or you have been able to deduce you do not have a menu of navigation of your website with 22 or 15 (for example) items, but you will distribute those pages in groups.


For example of the section œWe of the menu can hang subparagraphs as œOur Origins, œFacilities, and all the pages that can be included within the corporative information.


There are pages of the enumerated ones in the post that do not have to be including within the main Menu of Navigation, but must include itself in a secondary Menu or a connection in the foot of the website, as for example the one of œPolicies of privacy.





As you see sections or pages exist that your website must have YES or YES.


It remembers that one is not to have a œpamphlet hung in Internet but is to have a tool of promotion and sale of your business in Internet. In order to secure that aim, your website must be aligned with the rest of the strategy of marketing of your business.
Does the website of your local business satisfy the requirements of the success? Which are the sections or pages that your site does not contemplate? What goal pursueds with the website of your business? I wait for your commentaries and contributions

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Joan Serra Valls I am called Joan, I been forty years old and alive in Lleida. My work is excited. I dedicate myself to learn, to teach and to apply the rules of Marketing online to the local businesses. It enchants to me to collaborate in the growth of the businesses of my clients and readers.