If you have decided that you want to have more clients for your business, and that the channel that you are going to use to obtain them is Internet, I have the 2 news: good and a bad one:

“ œThe Good one: Indeed, in Internet you are going to be able to be able to catch more clients for your business.

“ œThe Bad one: In order to gain clients you need a blog with traffic. And I only know two forms to obtain that traffic: by means of announcements of payment or the generation of contents.


Therefore, if you want to obtain more clients for your business you must generate contents of quality for your clients. And that, unless you generate graphical contents (photographies) or videos, you are only going it to obtain writing in your blog.

For this reason you must record to stone this message: .


9 reasons for which you need a blog for your business


#1 Mejorar¡ the visibility of your business in the searches in Google

If a potential client needs to buy a product or service in his city, nowadays she will go away to the box of searches of Google to key his problem or necessity.

If your business has a blog that contributes value to your potential clients, one of the businesses that are going to find that person who wants to buy what you sell will be yours.

With a blog for your business you are going to be placed in front of 95% of your competition in Google. Create to me!


#2 will position to You as an expert in your matter

If one to twice to the week you write an entrance in the blog of your business where you help your potential clients, these are going to be able to verify that you are a specialist in products or services that you sell.

They are going to want to you to buy, you you are not going to them to have to sell.

You will have gained his credibility through blog.


#3 Ayudar¡ to promote you in the social networks

If you are of that they think that the social networks must be one of the pillars of your strategy online, congratulations.

But little visibility and impact you are going to have in the social networks itself you dedicate yourself to share content of others.

The social networks love the fresh content.

In fact, the fresh and original content is for the social networks what the blood is for your body or mine.


#4 Crear¡s a data base of frequent questions on your products, services or on the subject which you deal with

Through the generation of entrances to your corporative blog during months you are going to construct a community.

And that community is going to be composed by potential clients. By people who intensely are interested in which your you sell.

Those potential clients are going to send messages to you (mails, social commentaries in the blog, networks,¦) with the doubts that have of your products and services. You are going to verify that those questions are repeated of amazing way. And this is going to allow to construct an arsenal to you of œFrequent Questions that you will be able to use in your .

Really, you will understand his doubts and their fears at the time of buying what your you sell. And you are going to be able to help them to eliminate those doubts and fear of simple and fast way with those œFrequent Questions.


#5 Recoger¡s the feedback of your clients

Like in the previous point it commented to you that you were going to be able to pick up the doubts and fear before buying or to enter your business, with a blog you are going to be able to know feedback your clients once have bought your products or services or once have come to your restaurant or lies down.

This will help you to improve every day the quality of your products or services and to find to the best suppliers for your clients.


#6 Capturar data of interested in your products or services

A blog is the second best place where to capture the data of your clients or potentials clients (first it is your physical establishment).

To be able to count on a data base of clients and coverall a data base of potential clients (not yet they have bought to you but they are readers of your blog) is the base without which it is going to be difficult that you let grow your business by means of marketing by Internet.

With a blog, you are going to be able to create a data base of emails of the potential clients interested in your products or services that not yet they have bought to you but that they follow you in the blog. This is best pecera where to fish fish. I assure it to You!


#7 Mantendr¡s a more constant and intimate relation with your clients. You will be present in its minds

I only decide me my fish seller when I have desire to eat good fish and am going to its fish market to buy.

If the fish seller were able to be in my brain in more occasions certainly would go more times to a to buy to its store. Certainly some of the times that not what to eat, would possibly come me to the mind to eat fish.

Itself with the example: Although I like to cook, as fish less times to the week of which she would have. This is due that I know really few species fish and very few forms to prepare it.

If my fish seller had a blog where it educated me in the different species that there are, as they are his benefits and how to prepare them, I am certainly my brain would remember more times to the month buy to him fished and to prove those advice who have given to me in their blog.

This is only an example, but we could apply it almost to all the sectors of the local businesses.

In order to sell you must more be more in the mind of your clients.


#8 New channel to have informed into your work your clients

With a blog you will substantially improve the communication with your clients, since you will establish a direct and bidirectional channel between your and they.

One better communication will go deep in one better relation with them.

And if improvements that relation¦. Bingo!  More sales!


#9 will bring clients to You throughout long time

If you decide to go by the fast route of only paying by the traffic, once the money finishes to you or simply you decide to end the campaign, you will stop receiving visits to your business.

However, if your strategy is, at least partly, of contents in your blog, the visits that it generates to you the blog are going to last during long time. Even during years.

As mine says to a friend, to create content in Internet for my business is for my as an investor to buy houses and to rent them. You create assets that are going to bring benefits to you throughout the years.



How you can see, there are many and varied reasons for which if you want to increase clients by means of marketing by Internet, and you do not create a blog, really you have almost null possibilities of obtaining it.

You do not spend much money in design Web nor in publicity in Google Adwords or Facebook, because what it will give you a substantial increase of sales and clients will be a blog with contents of value for your potential clients given regularly.

And do you, already have a blog for your local business? What type of entrances you write in him? Which of the reasons that I enumerate in this entrance you have already been able to verify in your own skin?

I will like to receive your answers, commentaries or questions in the section commentaries of the blog or in the social networks.



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Joan Serra Valls I am called Joan, I been forty years old and alive in Lleida. My work is excited. I dedicate myself to learn, to teach and to apply the rules of Marketing online to the local businesses. It enchants to me to collaborate in the growth of the businesses of my clients and readers.