When I ask to him a client which is its objective when home to work, it says almost always to me that to sell more or to have more clients. Today I am going to concentrate in how to secure that objective of a form different from which the great majority does: to sell more present clients.


Why to sell present clients it is the shortest way more towards the success?

When any business considers the necessity to sell more, normally it is sent to obtain new clients.

You must know that 3 ways exist to be able to sell more in your business:

  1. To obtain more new clients
  2. That the present clients buy more (they increase the value of the ticket and its frequency of purchase)
  3. To reclaim lost clients


Even though that, as he told you, almost all the proprietors of businesses send themselves to by the first option, you would have to know that the fastest, cheap and sustainable form to increase the sales in your business is the second option: To sell more your present clients.

This greater sale can have 3 forms:

“ To sell more products or services to them.

“ To sell more expensive products or services to them.

“ To sell to them most frequently.

Anyone of the 3 forms is very valid to secure the objective to increase the sales in your business.

When before it commented to you that it was the cheapest form, referred to me to that the cost of acquisition of a new client is of 4 to 6 times more expensive than the cost of maintenance of a client whom already it is buying to you.

The results of this type of activities are so spectacular because with an increase of 5% in the ratio of retention of clients you would produce an increase among the 25 and 95% of the benefits in your business.


The Arms What you need to have to sell more to present clients?

Once we know clearly that this it is the shortest way, you must know as they are the elements that you are going to need to be able to sell more to present clients:


#1 a list of clients

Or I have often commented to you in the entrances and in the videos that are essential that you begin or one lists with the data of your clients.

Nowadays whenever you see a client leave by the door of your business without having its data of contact (at least the email), you would have to see as a ticket of 100 or 500 Euros goes away by your door.

Without one it lists. you are going to continue rowing from zero every day to take clients to your business.

I do not advise it to you!


#2 a registry of the purchases

Although it is not essential, if he is very recommendable to count on a system that allows you to register what and when they buy your clients to you.

If accounts with that information, its later operation will give to majors benefits you, since you will be able to give each client what it is hoping to be able to buy to you because adapts to its needs and habits.


#3 Automatizar the system of communication with your clients

As in the previous case, you can sell more to your present clients without needing automating the sale system.

But we are realistic¦ It does not have sense to more cheap spend your time in which a machine will do faster, more efficient and than you or anyone of your employees.

The automatization of the system of communication and promotion with your clients is the sour cherry of the pie and the best investment for your business.


The Bullets How to cause that your present clients buy more to you?

 Once already you have the elements that your business will need to sell more to your present clients, you will have to equip to the system with the keys that will cause that your clients buy more to you, spend more money, and they do it with more frequency.


#1 the cross-selling

One is to be useful that a client buys a certain product or service to you to present one complementary one to him.

A classic example of cross-selling would be that one store of clothes that send a promotion of jackets to all the buyers of trousers.


#2 Agradecer the purchase with some type of flattery

 To the clients we like that they have deferences with us.

Thus, your clients will be thankful that on the following day or after a few days of his visit to your business, you send a note of gratefulness or any type to them of flattery.

This flattery can be for example from a coupon so that they return in X days, to the invitation to an event that celebrates your business in some days.

For example, if you are owner of a restaurant, you can send to your client a note of gratefulness by his visit with an entrance for a class of group kitchen to celebrate in the following dates in your restaurant. You will fidelizar¡s to your client, and if you add to him that she can attend with a friend, you will catch new clients for the system (you do not forget to include to the friend in your data base).


#3 Enviar useful advice and recommendations to your clients

This it is the example of a good work that does not cost money. You only must invest to time and wisdom.

He contributes value to your clients. Teach to them how to use your products or services. Secret samples of the field where you move.

For example, if you have a store of painting materials, it sends to your clients one or two videos to the month of how applying that painting type that is used so much for X work. They always are going to return to buy to your business when they need painting or anyone the products that you sell.


#4 Dar a special treatment to your clients VIP

Certainly all clients are not equal.

More likely 80% of your income come from 20% of your clients (Law of Pareto).

It takes care of to these clients as a gold.

Give special things them.

They are the base of your business, and the principle from which to construct any thing in him.

For example, if you have a product store œdelicatessen, it invites free of charge to your 10 better clients to an exclusive presentation for them of products of the new season. You are going to see as this small investment multiplies in the next days or weeks (if night does not do it in sales in that same afternoon/).


#5 Dar to know your present clients what is what your you sell

Often your clients buy a certain product in another business because they do not know that you also sell it. That cannot happen to you.

He is very cheap and effective to cause that your clients know exactly in which you can help them and as they are the products or services of which you arrange.

For example, if you have a hotel and you also commercialize excursions, it sends to your clients a promotion so that they know that excursions can do. Send information to them on those excursions, leaving them clear that they can acquire them in your hotel. I propose to you that you stimulate to them with the small flattery by its purchase (for example a white coffee free next to the chimney of the hotel).


#6 Tratar to your clients by the name

To all we like to feel us special and that they take care of to us personally.

That is one of the strengths of the small and medium businesses.

If you have a list of clients, I recommend to you that you use for knowing it the name of your clients at least, at the moment at which they are in your business.

The fact to make feel comfortable your client will cause that more money in your business is spent.


#7 Upselling

One of the keys to sell your present clients is more that more money in your business is spent.

One of the best forms is the Upselling.

It consists of adding to some extra characteristics to the product or service that contributes to major value and price to him.

Thus for example, if you are owner of a beauty parlor, you can propose the client that has contracted a dye to you, the application of a certain special product for the hair dyed by only X Euros more.


#8 Preguntar the opinion and to ask œfeedback your clients

It does not have nothing else rewarding that knowledge that worries about one.

Then that is what you must do with your clients.

A good form to do it, once has consumed the product or service that they had contracted, is to ask to them on its experience and on what things value and what things you would have to improve of the same.

You are going to kill two birds of a shot: the client will feel special, and you will be able to improve every day your business with his contributions.

An example could be, in the case of a hotel, send an email being thankful the visit and inviting to answer a small survey online, the next day to check-out of the client in the hotel.



Since you have been able to verify, if you need to sell more in your business of constant and profitable way, the best form to do is selling it more to the present clients of your business.

Until you do not have or optimized the promotion of your œgoodwill you do not send yourself search new clients by means of advertising or similar investments.

It is much more difficult and expensive that somebody that does not know you buys or consumes in your business, that does it somebody that already is your client.

With this I am not saying to you that you do not look for new clients. No. With this I say you that first you make profitable your clients well and who later you look for new clients, but not to cold door, but raising with a lever you in which already you must to obtain of new. But this already I am going it to leave for a post for more ahead.

Gustaria me who you told me if you have considered to express of profitable way your base of clients, and if so how you have taken it to end.

I wait for your commentaries and contributions in the blog or the social channels. A greeting


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Joan Serra Valls I am called Joan, I been forty years old and alive in Lleida. My work is excited. I dedicate myself to learn, to teach and to apply the rules of Marketing online to the local businesses. It enchants to me to collaborate in the growth of the businesses of my clients and readers.