3 keys to improve your reputation online

3 keys to improve your reputation online

Does the reputation online of your business satisfy your potential clients?


If amig@, these are some of the reactions that have your potential clients when they find your business through Internet

And those reactions, brought about by the opinions of your clients, are those that œdefine your level of reputation online. We go, really, œbuen@ or œmal@ that you are according to your clients.

Therefore, you like or not (œthat of how goes that is to say there is to prepare a paella you have been able to think sometimes), you want it or no,¦ although you cabree, your business is at the expense of the opinion that of him your clients have.

Although that always has been thus, only that before, the famous œmouth mouth was neither so fast, nor had as much reach nor repercussion as the opinions have it œonline.

Before, if you did not take care of a claim (founded) in your business, than it could more happen is that the relatives of your client, their friendly and neighbors, would never come to your business. But the thing did not happen to majors.

Nowadays, all that indignation is going to run as the powder by the social networks. The critics are going to appear œforever in the directories in whom it appears your business.

Panorama Goes! Your business at the expense of which your clients think. Then YES

And what you can make to avoid it. NOTHING

Caramba then why to continue reading¦

It is that you cannot make nothing avoid that happens, but can use all this reality in your favor.

If amig@, you can cause that this new reality favors to your business.

There the keys go to improve your reputation online:

1- The best thing works than you can. Professionalism

You do not burn the paella, you do not offer expired material, you really do the consultancy thinking about your client (and not taking advantage of the documentation other œsimilarities)¦, works the best thing than you can.

Yes, the best thing than you can, not it better than you know, because you always can learn more, so to improve it has been shelp.


2- You are not right always. Empathy

. Certainly you know more than your client (the majority of the times), but already have seen who shows the power of the dark side certain?

It is certain that sometimes you will be with a œedge. To this that they give him.

Another you will be somebody that goes a little œpast. Passing of the subject¦ if it is necessary flames to the agents of the Order 😉

The minuses, one that has sent your competition for œputear to you. To those you write down the matriculation to them and you serve your better specialty to them.

But the majority of the times, your clients will be people who, mistaken or no, are going to experience some sensations when they consume your products or services, and those sensations are those that are, and hardly you are going them to change.

Therefore, it recognizes that perhaps you do not have been to the height. Without objections. All we commit errors, so accept it and recognize it.


3- You must be very kind. Cleverness

Clearly, if you want to improve the reputation of your business you must be kind to the reactions that have your clients when they consume your products or your services.

If you detect a certain degree of satisfaction in them, take advantage of it and ask to them there that they leave an opinion on his experience where interests to you more (Yelp, Tripadvisor, Google.)

In addition, if you want to use a platform to manage those opinions, and to facilitate your clients who leave their commentary, I recommend to you that you see this video in which we showed an effective method to you, simple and very practitioner, to improve the reputation online of your business.


I only want to do, before finishing to you, an observation in relation to the subject of the opinions.

Each portal of opinions is a world. Each has its policies, and each establishes its requirements, so I recommend to you that, before you put yourself to ask opinions your clients, you consult the conditions who settle down each of these portals, to adapt better to the requirements than they establish to validate them and to verify them.

Post leaves me your commentaries in, and if you think that I am right more than santo in which I have explained to you, you do not prevail of the knowledge to your amig@s, and shares this article. 

After all, we received what we give no?