One of the things that without a doubt would have to make all business, and in this case a restaurant or a store is not different, is to make arrive the things that make their clients. Really, a business must communicate all new features to the clients, thus to secure 2 objectives:

1. That the business is present in the mind of the client when this one get ready to buy or to consume products or services that we sell.
2. That the client is found out everything what has to do with the restaurant or lies down, that is to say, that knows that supplies or new features exist in the business.


A tool easy to implement to arrive this way at continuous knowledge of your clients is to send daily, weekly or monthly to newsletter to your clients.
Newsletter it is an e-mail that is formed by last publications in your corporative blog (Yes, you must have yes or yes a corporative blog).


In this lesson 16 of the gratuitous course of email marketing with Mailchimp to increase the sales in stores and restaurants I explain as constructing to you step by step this to newsletter that each will be sent automatically to your clients when your you have decided it.



In order to construct to newsletter with Mailchimp we are going to follow 9 steps:


1. To find the Feed of your corporative blog: In case of having a blog done with ( feed it is the URL where it is your Web, followed of œ/feed. In my case feed is in


2. To create a campaign RSS: As he already dresses in lesson 14 where he spoke of the different types from shipments, within the campaigns several types of shipments exist. One of them is Campaign RSS.


3. To decide the regularity with which newsletter to our clients will be sent: This can be sent or daily, or weekly, or monthly. That is to say, if we have chosen that is sent to newsletter weekly, in case that week an entrance or several has been written in the blog, will automatically be sent a mail with all the entrances of the blog that have been written that week.
A regularity that I recommend you for a business of restoration or retail sale is weekly, although of course, that also will depend on your regularity in the publication of entrances in the blog.


4. To determine to that list and to that clients of your list you will send the Newsletter: You can send it to all or only to a part (a segment). Most habitual it is than this shipment if it is sent to all the list.


5. To inform into the title and the sender of the mail that will receive your clients: In this case I recommend to you to use a very descriptive and clear title, as for example œNew features of the month in Restaurant the Horizon.


6. To choose the shipment group: Even though that in the previous lesson on groups it recommended to you that you left from predesigned groups (Themes eyelash), in this case all the 9 designs available œRSS-to-email are Classic, reason why they are not adapted for the movable devices. For this reason, in this case I recommend to you that you construct the group from zero in the eyelash œBASIC (in the video you will see exactly how).


7. To personalize the design and the content of the Newsletter: Once already you have your determined structure will be the moment for incorporating blocks to your newsletter. You must incorporate as minimum a block œRSS Header and one œRSS Items.
In addition, as we already saw in the previous lesson you must give graphical design (colors, sources, sizes) to the information of each of those blocks.


8. To send a test to you to your e-mail: Always, I repeat, always you must send a test to you to your e-mail before giving the configuration by good. I say it to you by experience: still today when I realise some shipment without proving it before small errors in the mail are strained to me.
You will only take some seconds, and you will avoid to give bad image to your clients.


9. To activate the periodic shipment of the Newsletter: Once or you have verified that the shipment like and are as you wish you, is the moment for confirming the programming of the shipment of the daily, weekly Newsletter, or monthly. You only must activate the button œStart RSS in the last step œConfirm


How you see, it is very easy to form to newsletter for your store or restaurant. this tool is going to serve to you to have informed periodically your client into the new features that are arising in your business and which your you are publishing in your blog.

If it has served to you this entrance I request you that you send it to that you know and that could also improve its business starting up a Newsletter for its clients.

For the week that comes, I will publish Lesson 17 of the course regarding œHow creating a campaign in Mailchimp. Greetings.


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Joan Serra Valls I am called Joan, I been forty years old and alive in Lleida. My work is excited. I dedicate myself to learn, to teach and to apply the rules of Marketing online to the local businesses. It enchants to me to collaborate in the growth of the businesses of my clients and readers.