How to promote a local business using videos

How to promote a local business using videos

Today, one of the best forms to promote a local business is generating contained in video to be seen and to be shared by your clients and potentials clients by means of Youtube and other platforms of video.


For which today the video is œthe channel?


If during century XX the promotion channels that you used were the newspapers or the radio to arrive at your public, and in the first decade of the 21st century you created a Web for your business, since it dresses that one was the channel in which you had to be, at this moment the œgreat game of the hunting of clients - for the local businesses it is even in the support video, and more concretely in the video by Internet.

So that you see that this is as the story I only want to give you some up-to-date data to you of use of the video by Internet as support of fundamental promotion for your business:

“ The video consumption online represents 50% of the movable traffic.

“ The video traffic will represent in 2017 69% of the global traffic of Internet.

“ The benefit of the video announcements increases the intention of purchase in a 97%.

“ A 92% of the users of social networks (your clients) share videos in them.

It could follow with more data, but what I want it is that you remain with 2 ideas:

  1. Your clients consume videos in Internet basically.
  2. The video is the most direct means and than more sales it will bring to you.

For which today no longer there are excuses?

Until it does very just a short time, he was habitual that when it proposed to a client a campaign to him of promotion and capture of leads by means of video, this one would respond some to me of these 3 things:

“ Ufff, too expensive.

“ I do not have equipment.

“ I will not arrive at my clients.


Then, nowadays these 3 answers are basically 3 excuses. Thus:

“ The production costs of professional videos or with very good finished at least are very low. As with almost any tool of Internet, the production of videos it has been lowered the price of and facilitated very many.

“ Before an equipment and human was needed very expensive to realise videos. Today all we took in the pocket smartphone with a built-in camera HD.

It is being replaced, partly, the advertising professional finished one by realistic spontaneity.

All we are tired of televising spots!

“ At the moment, the minors of 25 years consume more contained multimedia than written. And those contents multimedia are consumed already more in Youtube than in the dying generalist television.

Youtube is the television of the present and the future. She is gratuitous. And with her you can arrive across without intermediaries at your neighbors or inhabitants of the world.

What type of content you can create?


#1 Videos of œHow-to or œHow¦

 There are few looked for things more in Youtube than œhow to do¦, œhow to construct¦.,¦

If you make or you make products or services, congratulations¦.

A restaurant can generate a video of œhow to cook quick shave to the orange with¦. or a local agency of insurances a video of œhow reacting in front of an automobile wreck.

If your business sells products or services of third parties you can generate videos with complementary contents to the product.

Thus, if I were the proprietor of a clothes store that sells Texan trousers would make a video having explained œhow combine Texan trousers with clothes to dress to attend a celebration at night for example.

Not to make or to elaborate anything is not going to you to limit to create videos of high value for your clients, being taught to them how of making any thing that contributes value to them and is related to the product or service that your you sell.


#2 Events

Whenever you celebrate an event in your business you can raise a video recorded with your mobile with images of the same.

It is not necessary that is a great event: the delivery of the prize of a contest that you created, the arrival of the product of new season, the arrival of the Christmas celebrations to your business,¦

The important thing is that whenever cheers a small or great event in your business, you record it and you hang it in your channel of Youtube.


#3 Entrevistas to the employees

This resource is very little used in the local businesses.

Who knows better than they the business? Then that, uses all their knowledge and experience so that they speak in front of the camera of your mobile explaining his day to day, or its specialty or any other aspect of the business.


#4 Testimonies of clients

Without a doubt, this one is the crown jewel. We would not have to let leave the business to any client satisfied with the purchase or the consumption without asking to him if him we can make some question on the product or the purchase, and if them we can record that testimony.

The force of sale of the testimonies of the clients in video is almost infinite.

They are going to sell our products or services without selling them.


#5 Tours by the business

When often I doubt if to go to a restaurant or hotel, or if to buy something in a store, he would help me much to see as they are the facilities of that business.

He would enchant to me to be able to know visually where I am going to buy of the hand of the proprietor or manager of the business.

Luckily, your competition is not doing it, reason why if you begin it to do now, you are very in front of all she.


#6 useful Advice

If the success in marketing by Internet goes bound to the value that we contributed, this one will be one of those of most successful for you.

It demonstrates to your potential clients who you know well your business and that for you, to serve to them is first.

It records a video giving advice of what type of paella he is better for a determined use if you have an ironworks, or explains what types of breads exist and with what type of meals go better in the case of running a bakery.

It takes these examples to generate ideas of videos that to produce.

It remembers: Help first and receives later.



At the moment you must center good part of your efforts of marketing in the video.

He is very cheap, it arrives very well at the clients and has the best rate of conversion.

One always says that to have faithful and less susceptible clients to the price (more profitable), these must feel like part of the business.

Without a doubt, there is no better form of than they live the business with you and your collaborators who providing with experiences in video en/de to them your business.

They are going to live your business and will be easier that they are identified with him.

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” -

You have a corporative channel in Youtube or any other platform? You generate way videos appellant in your channel? What type of content you generate? You are able to hook to your clients with him?

I will be enchanted that you tell your experience me in the commentaries or by means of the social networks.


As creating promotional videos for jewelry shops

As creating promotional videos for jewelry shops

Videomarketing is today a great opportunity for the local businesses, and still more for which they sell products in which its image is fundamental for the process from promotion and sale. The jewelry shops represent a paradigmatic sector for this type of promotional practices.

For this reason right now a great possibility of promotion of all type of jewels and pendants in video by means of the channel of Youtube or the social networks of each one of the jewelry shops exists.


Against this opportunity, the jewelers, as well as other owners of local businesses, show that to construct promotional material of his products he is difficult and expensive, and that in the case that this material is in format video, still he is more difficult.

For this reason, today we are going to discover a called tool Magisto, that is in charge to construct to precious videos from photos and videos taken by us of each one of the pieces in very few minutes.

This tool has a gratuitous plan that will allow you to create so many videos as you want of the best pieces of your jewelry shop, for the later promotion in Youtube and other social networks.


You only need a mobile to remove to images and 5 minutes to construct the video. Atrevet© to see since I have done it and you do yours. They would help you to sell more.

I hope you teach to your œmasterpieces 😉 to me