Course of Email Marketing with Mailchimp for stores and restaurants

Course of Email Marketing with Mailchimp for stores and restaurants

Good, because finally I have been decided to send my first course, gratuitous, for all the businesses.

One is a course in which you will discover the skills and strategies necessary to use the email marketing with Mailchimp to the benefit of your store or restaurant.

In several hours of video you will learn not only to use MailChimp, but coverall as mounting a system of pursuit and automatic sale of your business by means of the e-mail.

I will publish a video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and although I do not know the exact number of lessons that in the end will leave, if I can advance to you that I will not keep anything. I will teach all the secrets to you of the system that I have mounted in several of my clients, who do that they esten selling better more and at this time at which it seems that to sell it is almost impossible.


Therefore, I leave you with this introductory video 0 where I explain to you of which the course consists.


During the course, that will be here at the disposal of everybody and in my Channel of Youtube, I will inform into how obtaining all the complementary material to you that I use with my clients and several tools with which you will discover of exact way as this course will hit in your store or restaurant.

If you have any doubt or comentrario I will be enchanted that you leave it to me in the commentaries of the blog or the channel of Youtube.

To only I request a favor you, would like that you will apply everything what you are going to discover in this course, because you are going to already see the results within the first month in which you have the system mounted in your business.