Mini course 2/7: to create a survey with google drive for your local business

Mini course 2/7: to create a survey with google drive for your local business

To create a survey with Google Drive is very simple. With this system you will be able to have a robust system to ask your clients to cost zero.

Previously to the creation of the survey in Google Drive I recommend to you you write all questions and answers in a Word document or any other text processor.


Why it is good idea to use Google Drive to create the surveys?

If you consider to be able to create surveys to know different aspects from your business and that your clients, your suppliers, your personnel or any other type of people think of him, and you do not want to be tied to any supplier of complex professional solutions, without a doubt, Google Drive must be your option.

Google Drive, between many other functionalities (Documents, Spreadsheets, etc) is a motor of very powerful creation of forms and with the solution to come of that comes.

This gratuitous system that comes by defect for all the users of Gmail, is going to give a system to you of construction of surveys that will allow you to create questions and to collect answers of high degree in complexity.

Only if you need to perhaps realise surveys very very complex this tool does not serve to you.

In any case, I have not found still any business of local type or proximity who does not solve all needs in this field of the surveys with this system.

In addition, Google Drive is a system very simple to handle. it is thought so that anyone can construct forms without no previous knowledge.



Steps to create a survey with Google Drive

Because the steps to follow you are going to be able to see them of very extensive way in the video of this lesson 2/7 that attached, to only I am going you to enumerate the simple steps that you must complete to have your constructed survey, although not yet lists to begin to appear it to your clients.

#1 Crear an account of Google (only in case you do not have an account of Gmail)

#2 Ir to Google Drive

#3 Crear a Form

#4 Colocar Title to the Form

#5 Seleccionar the type of question

#6 Escribir the text of the question and the possible answers


What type of questions can be realised in Google Drive?

#1 Text

This is the basic type of question. It is used when we want that the client responds writing a very short text (a phrase).


#2 Text paragraph

When we needed to know any thing of the opinion of the client but we needed that free text without limit can write, this is the option that you must choose.

I like to use it, among others, in the end so that they can leave œObservations if they find it appropriate.


#3 Type test

This type of question is the classic one of A or B or C¦ He only can choose one.


#4 Squares of verification

Seemed to the previous one, although with a great difference: the client is going to be able to choose several of the options of answer of the raised ones (To and/or B and/or C¦)


#5 Elegir of one lists

If you want that the client can choose only one of the answers available, and want to present them in drop-down format, this one is your option.

Very elegant.


#6 Scale

You will have to use this type of question when you require to ask on one or several aspects of your business, and want that the client scores them of numerical form from the 1 to the 6, for example.

Very used to score different types from aspects of a product, service or business generally.


#7 Grid

Although very similar to the Scale, difference of her in which one is not to score of 1 to the n but you can be used a free scale, as for example œVery in Discord, œDiscord, œIn agreement, œVery In agreement.


#8 Date

This option occurs only for the cases in that the answer must be a date with format.

It can include or nonYear and Hour.


#9 Hour

When the answer must be one hour, this will be the option.

An example could be œTo what hour is used to coming normally to our restaurant



As you are going to be able to see in the attached video, Google Drive is a tool which already more likely you have and that it is from great power at the time of constructing to forms and surveys for small and medium businesses.

Even though that you could think right now that it is already all the work done, I invite to you that you follow the course, since you are going to be able to create a true system of professional surveys for your local business. This way you are going to be able to give professional finishing much more to him facing your client.

I hope is useful and I hope to you you share the difficulties to me that you find at the time of creating survey with Google Drive.


Mini-course: To create a survey of satisfaction of the client with WordPress and Google Drive

Mini-course: To create a survey of satisfaction of the client with WordPress and Google Drive

Today we are going to begin a Mini Curso on as constructing a robust platform to create a survey of satisfaction of the client of a restaurant or of any other type of business, by means of two tools that surely or you know, and that or you very possibly use in your business: WordPress and Google Drive.

When you have been able to enjoy this mini course of 7 lessons you will be able to construct a system to generate surveys to your clients. With them you will be able to know what thinks of your business, of your products or services, your personnel, your facilities or any thing regarding him.

Nowadays is almost a suicide that you do not know the opinion your clients, since this one supposes 2 fundamental pillars for your business:

  1. It will mark the way to you of improvement in your business. From its observations and valuations you will know clearly what things to eliminate, to harness or to improve of your business. their critics are your opportunities.
  2. Nowadays, the fact of not asking the opinion of the clients does not avoid that this is one of the motors of promotion or collapse of your business. If your not him questions its opinion to your client, this one is not going away to be silent. It is more, very possibly, the most irritated with your business they will be those that filled the directories of Internet of bad opinions on your business, that simultaneously will cause that many others think it two or three times before coming to buy or to consume to your hotel, restaurant, lies down, hall or clinic.



How to know if it interests to you to follow this Mini-course of 7 lessons in video?

If you fulfill all or the great majority of the conditions that next I expose, it will help you much in your business of following this mini-course to be able to construct surveys for your clients:

#1 You are proprietor or manager of a business

#2 Your business is dedicated to the B2C commerce. that is to say. your clients are natural people

#3 Your premises receive street people on foot

#4 You would like to know the opinion of your clients before these propagate it by Internet

#5 Existen already many directories of opinions of clients in the sector in which you develop


Why we have decided to begin this mini-course?

The origin of this course is in which some of you you have written to me requesting my opinion to me on some problem with the reputation of your business.

After to have proposed some actions, me d­ account that many of you you did not know how to be able to create surveys easily to communicate to you with your clients.

For this reason I put myself to plan a light course to learn so much the technical part as of market so that you could be constructed a you yourself wonderful platform to construct surveys of all type focused to know any aspect that of your business your clients think.

The final result has been this Mini-course of 7 lessons.


As they are the tools that you need to be constructed this system?

Then he is very simple. You only need a few tools and a little interest to discover how they work.


#1 the survey

In order to ask something first we must know clearly that we want to ask and how we want to organize the answers.

You need to previously construct in a Word document the series of questions that you want that it has the survey and the possible alternatives answers that you are going to give your client.



We will use the versatility of functionalities and the ease of use of to accommodate and to personalize the surveys that you want to construct for your clients.


#3 Google Drive

This it is going to be the motor of the Survey.

Surely or you know Google Drive (or before Docs call). He is very powerful.

It has the possibility of being able to generate and to operate forms. these forms work to the thousand wonders to operate surveys.

A very powerful motor that we are going to mix with the beauty and personalisation of WordPress.


#4 Plugin Google Forms

Indeed to connect WordPress with Google Docs we are going to use a Gratuitous Plugin called Google Forms that allows to integrate the motor of questions and answers and back-office of Google Drive within any installation Web of WordPress.

I come using this Plugin by more from a year, and I can assure to you that it is a wonder.


#5 Subject of WordPress Unite

The final finished one of design we will do it with a gratuitous subject of WordPress called Unite. this subject has been the used one originally on the part of the developer of plugin Google Forms to optimize look&feel of the work.

You will see that it will be to you very easy to personalize the logo and the colors in agreement with those of your business.



And so I am going to show to you in this mini-course your you are going to be able to have a system to create, to manage and to operate infinite surveys with infinite answers on the part of your clients.

No longer there is excuse not to ask your clients and to improve all the aspects of your business.

And you, you are asking your clients at the moment? It beams by means of surveys? That improvements contributes to your business?

If it interests this subject to you and you think that it can contribute value to the people who you know, I would like that you shared it in the social networks so that they can also follow this mini-course.

Crisis in your business: how to handle the negative opinions in facebook

Crisis in your business: how to handle the negative opinions in facebook

One of the most important elements now and in the future so that the clients go to your business and to your competition it is not the management of the negative opinions on Facebook and in other social and directory networks of businesses.


According to the Annual Report of the Consumer of Retail (I do not know any present), 68% of the clients who realised a negative critic on a business in social networks did not receive answer.


Its importance is so much that of that they received answer, 18% became faithful clients and a 33% realised a revision in positive of that initial negative opinion.


For which Facebook has become a referring one of opinions for your business?


Facebook has become right now one of the main portals where your clients are going to leave their opinions because simply your clients already are there.


It is very easy them to be able to leave an opinion because they do not need to register itself in a page where they do not have a user still created.


And in addition if they leave the opinions in your page of Facebook, they know that those opinions are going on Facebook to be able to be seen by their friendly.


2 birds of a shot kill themselves:

  • It is easy for them because they already are there.
  • They are able to discover good and bad experiences to illustrate to his friendly.


How you have to respond to the negative messages on Facebook?


In this point I want to present 8 rules to you that you must follow in the management of the possible bad opinions that your clients can leave in your page of Facebook:


#1 Responder as rapidly as possible

There is no worse form to act against a critic that the nonaction.

That is a scorn for your client and demonstrates to carelessness and unconcern by a situation lived by the client in your premises.

You must respond fast. Maximum in 24 hours workable. Mainly against the bad opinions, although you must answer all the opinions quickly, including the good ones.



#2 not to use œcopy-beats

A form to act very habitual on the part of proprietors of businesses or of little professional Community managers even is to create an answer type and to always respond with œshort-sticks of that or those precooked answers.

Thus you will only be able to cabrear more to your client and who the damage to your business grows still more.

Conversation with unique and concrete answers that make direct reference to the words of the client in their negative opinion.



#3 Dar to the clients more information

In the answer to our client we must give information. It does not serve to give a vague answer. You must explain the reasons.

This comforts to your client and it makes you recover the credibility in front of him (essential so that it buys to you time and time again).



#4 Tener a separated e-mail for the management of opinions

In order to be able to make a good management of those opinions, once you contact direct with the client (I explain it to you in more ahead), you must give the top priority to that question.

For that reason it is good that you only have a separated email address for this task (as for example or

The client will see so you worry very much about them and the experience that they live in your premises.



#5 To be honest and transparent

Another one of the things that make some businesses very badly is to answer with lies or average truths on Facebook a complaint of a client.

Coje first a remembers the saying œa lying one that to a cripple.

A lie is smelled of legua.

If minds to an angry client in the social networks, that complaint will become a great ball that will cost much money to you. Create to me!

It explains of simple way, although without details, what has happened and why.

Your clients will be thankful for your honesty and transparency to you.



#6 Pedir pardon if it is necessary

In the case that indeed is some negligence by your part or the one of your employees, it apologises openly.

That will make that the client lowers his barrier to you and is opened to explain the details to you than is past, having been able turn the information on that complaint into an improvement of your business.



#7 Taken care of with the Troll

If you detect that opinion negative comes from troll (person that only looks for the confrontation without keeping the most mini forms from education), not him DES field.

It answers the first fast time and you do not return to make contact with him.

It thinks that these individuals feed themselves on the confrontation with their interlocutors. Therefore, You do not feed 😉 to him!



#8 you do not take it to you as something personal

Many proprietors of businesses take the negative opinions from the clients as an attack to their people.

Partly I can understand that action: your business is your life, you go the life in him and you try that it is as well as possible.

But he can be that some thing becomes bad, and you must understand that a client thinks of negative way is a quality control that gives the opportunity to detect you in what aspects of your business you need to improve.



What concrete steps you must follow on Facebook against a negative opinion of your business?


Once already you know which are the masterful lines of action against the negative opinions of your clients on Facebook, we are going to face œstep by step of what doing when you receive a negative opinion of somebody.



#1 fast Answer and to request contact by telephone

Very important to respond within the first 24 hours trying to be able to make contact outside facebook with that displeased client.

You want to clarify the subject. You want to solve it by the good of your client and by the one of your business and the best form it is to establish a conversation with him outside Facebook.

I recommend to you that you try that facilitates its telephone or its email to you or that almenos is put in touch by those means with you for œseeing what we can make to solve it.

If I recommend to you that conversation is realised outside Facebook is because you do not want to run the risk that is troll or that the things do not come out well, and the reputation of your business still is seen more damaged.



#2 Pedir to the client a revision

Once you have been able to solve the subject and the client is satisfied with the explanations and/or the activities that you have taken to end, are hour to try to repair.

You must ask the client who realises a revision to his initial opinion.

this later revision persecutes 2 objectives:

  • That the future clients who read that negative opinion see that has been rectified by its proprietor.
  • That all the clients who visit your page of Facebook notice that for most important you is than your clients live a great experience in your business, and that to it you dedicate all the efforts.



#3 To be proactive and to ask opinions your satisfied clients

As in a sea without fish, a red fish (a negative opinion is read) has much visibility, you must try to fill that sea with many blue fish (positive opinions) to palliate the few negative opinions that you can receive.


For that he is very interesting that you stimulate your satisfied clients to that they leave a positive opinion you in your page of facebook.

Thus, you will be with me in agreement that if your business receives a negative opinion and only has 3 opinions, the negative consequences of this will be majors much that if that negative opinion is between 100 opinions of satisfied clients.


Therefore, you must take to the opinions of your page of Facebook to the satisfied clients, since I assure to you that those that are not it will arrive single.



#4 Construir a page in your website where your clients can send their complaints to you

A very effective measurement for your reputation online is to activate a page of opinions within the website of your business.


With this you obtain that the possible damages by negative opinions can be smaller if the opinions are administered by you, and you do not leave the management of the reputation online of your business to pages of third companies where you are going to be able to intercede much less.


In addition, with this, you are going to teach to your customer that gives to its opinion the great importance that is deserved.




Since you have been able to see, the prescription for the management of the negative opinions on Facebook is relatively simple: speed, sincerity, empathy and distance.


Often, a great number of local businesses acts closing the eyes, the mouth and the ears. That only brings erosion and thinning to them of its daily accounts.


And you, what you have done against some negative critic? You have answered or you hoped that the time takes it? What repercussion has the opinions in your relation with your clients? You foment Them?

It interests your opinion and experience to me. I wait for your words in the commentaries and the social networks.

How to promote a local business using videos

How to promote a local business using videos

Today, one of the best forms to promote a local business is generating contained in video to be seen and to be shared by your clients and potentials clients by means of Youtube and other platforms of video.


For which today the video is œthe channel?


If during century XX the promotion channels that you used were the newspapers or the radio to arrive at your public, and in the first decade of the 21st century you created a Web for your business, since it dresses that one was the channel in which you had to be, at this moment the œgreat game of the hunting of clients - for the local businesses it is even in the support video, and more concretely in the video by Internet.

So that you see that this is as the story I only want to give you some up-to-date data to you of use of the video by Internet as support of fundamental promotion for your business:

“ The video consumption online represents 50% of the movable traffic.

“ The video traffic will represent in 2017 69% of the global traffic of Internet.

“ The benefit of the video announcements increases the intention of purchase in a 97%.

“ A 92% of the users of social networks (your clients) share videos in them.

It could follow with more data, but what I want it is that you remain with 2 ideas:

  1. Your clients consume videos in Internet basically.
  2. The video is the most direct means and than more sales it will bring to you.

For which today no longer there are excuses?

Until it does very just a short time, he was habitual that when it proposed to a client a campaign to him of promotion and capture of leads by means of video, this one would respond some to me of these 3 things:

“ Ufff, too expensive.

“ I do not have equipment.

“ I will not arrive at my clients.


Then, nowadays these 3 answers are basically 3 excuses. Thus:

“ The production costs of professional videos or with very good finished at least are very low. As with almost any tool of Internet, the production of videos it has been lowered the price of and facilitated very many.

“ Before an equipment and human was needed very expensive to realise videos. Today all we took in the pocket smartphone with a built-in camera HD.

It is being replaced, partly, the advertising professional finished one by realistic spontaneity.

All we are tired of televising spots!

“ At the moment, the minors of 25 years consume more contained multimedia than written. And those contents multimedia are consumed already more in Youtube than in the dying generalist television.

Youtube is the television of the present and the future. She is gratuitous. And with her you can arrive across without intermediaries at your neighbors or inhabitants of the world.

What type of content you can create?


#1 Videos of œHow-to or œHow¦

 There are few looked for things more in Youtube than œhow to do¦, œhow to construct¦.,¦

If you make or you make products or services, congratulations¦.

A restaurant can generate a video of œhow to cook quick shave to the orange with¦. or a local agency of insurances a video of œhow reacting in front of an automobile wreck.

If your business sells products or services of third parties you can generate videos with complementary contents to the product.

Thus, if I were the proprietor of a clothes store that sells Texan trousers would make a video having explained œhow combine Texan trousers with clothes to dress to attend a celebration at night for example.

Not to make or to elaborate anything is not going to you to limit to create videos of high value for your clients, being taught to them how of making any thing that contributes value to them and is related to the product or service that your you sell.


#2 Events

Whenever you celebrate an event in your business you can raise a video recorded with your mobile with images of the same.

It is not necessary that is a great event: the delivery of the prize of a contest that you created, the arrival of the product of new season, the arrival of the Christmas celebrations to your business,¦

The important thing is that whenever cheers a small or great event in your business, you record it and you hang it in your channel of Youtube.


#3 Entrevistas to the employees

This resource is very little used in the local businesses.

Who knows better than they the business? Then that, uses all their knowledge and experience so that they speak in front of the camera of your mobile explaining his day to day, or its specialty or any other aspect of the business.


#4 Testimonies of clients

Without a doubt, this one is the crown jewel. We would not have to let leave the business to any client satisfied with the purchase or the consumption without asking to him if him we can make some question on the product or the purchase, and if them we can record that testimony.

The force of sale of the testimonies of the clients in video is almost infinite.

They are going to sell our products or services without selling them.


#5 Tours by the business

When often I doubt if to go to a restaurant or hotel, or if to buy something in a store, he would help me much to see as they are the facilities of that business.

He would enchant to me to be able to know visually where I am going to buy of the hand of the proprietor or manager of the business.

Luckily, your competition is not doing it, reason why if you begin it to do now, you are very in front of all she.


#6 useful Advice

If the success in marketing by Internet goes bound to the value that we contributed, this one will be one of those of most successful for you.

It demonstrates to your potential clients who you know well your business and that for you, to serve to them is first.

It records a video giving advice of what type of paella he is better for a determined use if you have an ironworks, or explains what types of breads exist and with what type of meals go better in the case of running a bakery.

It takes these examples to generate ideas of videos that to produce.

It remembers: Help first and receives later.



At the moment you must center good part of your efforts of marketing in the video.

He is very cheap, it arrives very well at the clients and has the best rate of conversion.

One always says that to have faithful and less susceptible clients to the price (more profitable), these must feel like part of the business.

Without a doubt, there is no better form of than they live the business with you and your collaborators who providing with experiences in video en/de to them your business.

They are going to live your business and will be easier that they are identified with him.

” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” -

You have a corporative channel in Youtube or any other platform? You generate way videos appellant in your channel? What type of content you generate? You are able to hook to your clients with him?

I will be enchanted that you tell your experience me in the commentaries or by means of the social networks.


How to change of location a business without you destroy your visibility online

How to change of location a business without you destroy your visibility online

You are going to change of location your business shortly? You have done It recently? It worries You how affects this to the visibility of your business in Internet?


If you have responded to these questions affirmatively, congratulations, because next I am going to discover as changing of location a business to you without you destroy your visibility in this way online.


Why it is important to modify the data of location of your local business?


Even though that very few businesses give importance to the change of direction in Internet when a business moves to another location, this simple act in the world offline has a capital importance happening of the visibility online of your business, and therefore of the traffic of clients to the business, and its later success or failure.


To take care of very much this aspect is to take care of very much 2 capital aspects for the attraction of clients to your business nowadays:


#1 local Positioning


When a client looks for in Google the word are more likely looking for where to be able to buy shoes in this city. If your business does not appear on the front page of Google is complicated or almost impossible that client arrives at that business to buy shoes.


That it appears or no, depends in very good measurement that, in the case that has taken to end a change, this one has been clear him and without ambiguities to our Google friend.


#2 Reputation online


More and more (and create to me, you are going to go to more) what the clients say on your business is one of the determining factors of your success or your failure of any local business. Those opinions go associate to a business, and this as well, it goes associate to a geoposicionada mailing dress.

If you load to you your reputation online with the change of the premises in your business you are going away to load good part of one of your main assets.


What you must make to change of location a business and when you have to do it?


Two reasons exist for which it is due to be responsible to this question of clear and easy way:

a) The own moment of the change already entails by itself many difficulties and moments of the great stress for the members of the business.

b) It is a subject that can be complex in its correct execution for all person without previous knowledge.


By this enchanted at the time checklist to me on how correctly realising a direction change in Internet that to a great extent simplifies the combat operations control to realise not to have later misfortunes.

Next I show the 10 steps to you that you must realise and when to do it, adapted to the reality of Spain (he is very similar in Latin America).

#1 Definir the exact Mailing dress that you want that it appears in all the places


As I already showed you in the video of the 7 Steps so that your clients find your business in Google is very important that the NAP (the sum of name, direction and telephone of the business) is the same in all the sites of Internet where your business is listed, since the key will be this that will index all the information available on your business under this unique key.


Then in a change, you must determine exactly which will be the new direction and how it will be written. It is not the same that that .


If you that put it difficult, Google will punish to you with the invisibility.


For this reason you must determine exactly which is going to be the new mailing dress and to exactly use that same one for all the later steps.

When to realise it? 60 days before the effective change.

#2 Cambiar the direction that appears in the œreal world


When you realise a change in a business you must also change a pile of directions in suppliers, clients, etc.


I am talking about to the direction of the receipt of the water, the light, the association of retailers, etc.


In those files they also must place the same direction exactly that you have established in step 1.


When to realise it? 30-60 days before the effective change.

#3 Descubrir the places in which your business in Internet appears listing


As it counted you in 7 Steps so that your clients find your business in Google, although your you have not discharged from the hospital your business in almost any portal or directory, more likely your business is in tens or hundreds of them, since those portals are nourished of data bases of businesses to fill their cards.


For that reason you must cross all the sites where you are listed, later to change the old direction by the new one.


Even though that are payment tools that will facilitate that work to you as WhiteSpark, I I am going to you to recommend today the gratuitous way to do it.


Google uses to locate where your business is mentioned.


For that it writes in the box search the name or leaves from the name of your business, with the name of the street and the old number.


For example, if you are the proprietor of œFootwear wolf, located on the street Toledo 30 of Madrid, you would place . You are going to see as they appear a pile of pages where it appears your listed business.


It is important that you have a spreadsheet to write down all the sites where appears your business with the old direction thus to take the control of the change.


I leave the leaf you that I use to carry out this work for my clients.


When to realise it? 30-60 days before the effective change


#4 Empezar to change the direction in the sites in which it appears your business with the old direction


Once you have located and written down the sites in which it appears your business with the old direction, it will be called on to change to you or to solicit that the administrator of the Web changes the direction of the new one.


For this work you will use the leaf of Google Docs that I have facilitated to you in the previous point.


At this moment not yet you will change the directions of the portals enumerated in the following point. Those are most important, and must practically be made at the time of the physical change.


When to realise it? 30 days before the effective change.

#5 Cambiar the direction in the 13 directories of more important businesses


By the great volume of traffic that takes you to your business, in the following 13 portals the new direction of your business must change almost at the same moment in which you realise the change.


These 13 portals are the 13 directories of more important businesses of Spain: Facebook,,, Yelp,,,, FourSquare, Axesor, eInforma, QDQ, Yalwa, LaNetro


When to realise it? 1 day before the effective change

#6 Modificar the direction in your website


Evidently, you must change the direction in your website.


An important thing: it is probable (and desirable) that the direction is in all the pages of your website, and not only in the one of œContact or in the one of œWhere we are.


The new direction must agree exactly with which you have been changing in the previous steps.


Its importance is in which your own website is the source of greater authority for Google at the time of Geoposicionar your business.


When to realise it? The day of the change

#7. To modify the card of the business in GoogleMyBusiness


This step is crucial.


For the case that already you have verified the card of your business in GoogleMyBusiness follows the instructions that Google in its Help gives you.


For the case that you have not verified still your card, do it, modifying the direction before the verification request.


When to realise it? The day of the change

#8 Verificar that any duplicate in Google Maps does not exist


Once already realised the change you physically must verify that Google does not have duplicate your business (one with the direction new and other with the old man).


In order to verify direct it to you to Google Maps and in the drawer search it introduces the name of your business followed of the one of your city.


It must only appear a card for your business.


In case they exist more than one, you must solicit to Google that eliminates the card with the old direction.


When to realise it?  1 or 2 weeks after the change.

#9 Verificar that the opinions of the clients in the Webs have been conserved after the change of direction


Your business is your clients.


Your clients are their opinions.


You must make sure that with the change of direction there are lost no the reviews that your clients had left in each one of the directories.


He returns to the spreadsheet where you pointed the directories where it appeared your business and assures to you that with the change of location the opinions follow there.


When to realise it? 1 or 2 weeks after the change.

#10 Verificar that sites do not exist where our business follows listing with the old direction


Almost you have already finished.


It returns to the spreadsheet and assures to you that in all the sites that you aimed has changed the direction by the new one.


If it is not thus, ponte in touch with the administrators to return to ask for the change.


In addition, #3 returns to again realise the search of the Step, and returns to point the sites in which it appears still your business with the old location and repeats all the process.


It is important that this task you realise it at least every 3 months.

When to realise it? 3 months after the change.


As you absolutely see an action offline as to change of location your local business it has a great transcendence in the world of Internet, and your positioning in the network.


You knew that transcendence at the time of attracting clients by means of Internet? In the case that you have been changing for months of location, you had present its repercussion? It had consequences in your positioning in Google and the attraction of clients?


It will enchant to me to read your answers in the commentaries or the different channels from AyudaMarketingLocal in the social networks.