The statistics of the email marketing that you must consider to value your campaigns with Mailchimp

The statistics of the email marketing that you must consider to value your campaigns with Mailchimp

After some weeks in which it had not been able to record the last video of the email course marketing with Mailchimp for stores and restaurants, finally I can share this last delivery to you. In this last delivery of the course you will discover which are the statistics of the email marketing that you must control to measure the results of your campaigns.

As they are the essential things that I must find out of the result of a campaign?

At the time of sending any campaign of marketing for your business, in all the types of investments in marketing that you realise for your business, it is essential that you can measure the economic performance of the same.

Whenever you send any action of marketing and you do not know the following information, you will be throwing your money to the trash:

  • How much the action has cost you (in time or money)
  • How much benefit has contributed the action to you (in money, clients or repercussion)

Then exactly the same it passes with the campaigns of email marketing of your store or restaurant. You always must know whichever you has cost each shipment and whichever business has generated to you.

In order to be able to arrive that is to say whichever business it has contributed the campaign to you to the business I propose to you that controls 3 aspects nail of the statistics of Mailchimp:

  1. How many from your clients they have received the campaign.
  2. How many of your clients they have opened the mail of the campaign.
  3. How many of your clients they have given a click to your campaign.

As you know, these data have funnel form. That is to say, the later data always is only a part of the previous ones, being smaller its number whenever it goes to the later stage.

There is a fourth data, for most important my, than Mailchimp does not facilitate to you: Whatever of your clients have come to your restaurant or lies down to buy or to consume as a result of a concrete campaign, and therefore, whichever money in benefit has left a certain campaign you in the recording box of your business.

In order to be able to know that data I invite to you to that you are very pending of the news that I will send in some days to you on software which we have developed to be able to control that data in your business.

ClubClienteVIP is a software that works next to Mailchimp and that will allow you, between many other things, knowledge exactly the ROI (return of the investment) of each of your campaigns of email marketing.

If today you do not know whichever Euros have generated you a campaign by each Euro that you have invested in her, the best thing is than you do not invest¦ you are going to lose much money.



As they are the data that I must be able to wait for of an email campaign marketing?

Although he is complicated to respond of a generic form to this question, since it depends on the type of business, of the type of campaign and of how this one has been executed, from my experience and mainly from the data that to us Mailchimp facilitates, I can give a general rule you that must serve you as guide.

In case you will send a campaign to 1,000 clients, you could hope that a 25% of them opened the mail.

Also, only 30 people of the 1,000 will give click him to some connection of the sent mail.

And you could hope that 7 people will respond to your campaign and bought or consumed in your restaurant or lies down.

From which you know these numbers, she will be to you very easy to be able to know if a campaign has been to you beneficial or and that investment return has not had for your business.


In summary, always you would have to know for each campaign in particular the following data:

  1. Emails sent
  2. Emails received
  3. Emails open
  4. Emails clickados
  5. Realised sales

And up to here this course. I hope that you have enjoyed so much as I. You intention to that you apply everything what there are shortage in him and you will see grow your business of exponential way.

I hope to receive your commentaries and experiences with the course or your business by anyone of the habitual channels.

It receives a warm greeting and until the next course (I believe that already I know clearly which is going to be).


Lesson 19: How to create and to activate a autorespondedor with Mailchimp

Lesson 19: How to create and to activate a autorespondedor with Mailchimp

As in any film that boasts where there is a superhero that always is more handsome, faster and than help to more old children and, in the email marketing for stores and restaurants also we were with a œsuperhero: the autorespondedor with Mailchimp.


In now already more serious¦ the Autorespondedor it will supervitaminar¡ your relation with the clients and will take a constant and fluid torrent of clients to your local business.


That is a autorespondedor?


A autorespondedor, like a Campaign, is a shipment of information of your business by mail to all or a part of the clients who are in your list.


But it is not exactly just as a Campaign. A autorespondedor has a series of œpowers that they conduct the œmilitary operation to him of more powerful massive communication to take clients to your business.


I want to emphasize 3 characteristics that do it really only:


#1 Is Automatic


One is a type of shipment that is realised without your intervention.


You only must make a good analysis of what and to whom and because reason you want to send a communication to your clients.


Once formed, the autorespondedor will work for you the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week without you must realise no type of intervention. To only dedicate to you to receive and to satisfy the clients who will be arriving at your store or restaurant.


#2 Is programmed


One is a shipment that will be realised in the moment in which the circumstances occur that you have established for it.


If you determine that it is sent, for example, a congratulation of anniversary to your client the day of its cumple±os with a gift in the form of bottle of digging that will be able to enjoy that night if it comes to celebrate it with his wife to your restaurant, this message will be sent every day to the clients of your list who turn that day years.


You program it and you forget.

#3 Is segmented


Although a autorespondedor can be formed so that it is sent to everything or part of your list of clients, its greatness is that many of these autorespondedores will be only sent to the clients who fulfill one or several conditions.


For this reason, we can affirm that the autorespondedor has in essence a segmented nature.

That type of autorespondedores you can send to the clients of your store or restaurant?


Even though that the instrument (the autorespondedor) has a great power of generation of sales, he is not nothing without a good battery of strategic operations that to load in him.


In my case, when I feel in front of a client to implement this œweapon of massive sales in its store or restaurant, I do it with a battery of than 15 strategies based more on autorespondedores.


Of all of them I want to indicate 5 by its importance and its real and fast impact in your account of operation (Ring, Ring, box):


#1 Congratulation of birthday


Without a doubt one of most effective.


It leaves your automatic salesman congratulates the birthday to your client and it stimulates to him with a promotion so that he celebrates his cumple±os having dinner with his family in your restaurant.


This strategy is of great value in businesses directly related to celebrations, gifts, taken care of or experiences.


I especially recommend it to restaurants, jewelry shops, centers of beauty, spas, stores of clothes.


If your product or service serves as gift, prize, taken care of or as celebration form, this will make you make more money.


#2 X money in the last purchase


You must award of special form the clients who realise a purchase or a especially significant consumption in your premises.


A note of gratefulness with an incentive so that they on the following day return in a short period of days in a mail to the one of the purchase or consumption will work very very well.


You will surprise this type of client pleasingly who interests to you to conserve and to increase.

#3 X purchases or consumptions in the establishment


To the faithful client you must pamper it much.


For example, a strategy to award with a special dinner for 2 people that one client who has come to eat of menu in your restaurant 12 times is a good idea.


You will be able fidelizar his visit to eat of menu with a simple one to flyer promotional announcing the campaign, and also you will discover that client, that perhaps only she comes to eat from menu to your restaurant because she pillages to him near the office, that your restaurant is perfect to have dinner with its pair some Saturdays at night during the year.


This type of strategy works very or in businesses of consumption repeated as restaurants, spas, centers of beauty or stores of clothes.

#4 X purchases or consumptions of a certain product

One of the forms in which the automatic salesman can help you to increase the sales is with the cross-selling.


It consists for example of which to a client who is consuming habitual of you haircut, once has arrived at the 10, you give a bond or a discount to him to prove your service of masculine shaving.


This strategy will very work or in businesses with several lines of business or families of products or services as jewelry shops, beauty parlors, spas,¦

#5 X days that it does not buy or it consumes in your establishment


The automatic salesman can back from bring that one client to you who has himself confused or who is in period to try to your competition.


He stimulates a client who for example for 60 days she has not been eating in your restaurant so that returns.


This will radically reduce your rate of loss of clients. You will be always in the mind (and the mail) of your client. It will not be able to forget to you!


It works very well in all type of businesses, although the number of days that must pass to send reminders will depend much on the sector in which is the business.

As it is created and activate does a autorespondedor?


The creation of a autorespondedor once you know clearly the strategy is very simple. It consists of 7 easy steps.

#1 Crear a autorespondedor


First that you must do already once within your account of Mailchimp it is to go to the eyelash œAutoresponders of the vertical menu of the left part of your screen.





Now to initiate the process of creation of the autorespondedor you only must click in the button œCreates Autoresponder to you.



#2 Elegir the list to which you want that I was sent the autorespondedor


The following step is to select the list to which you want that this autorespondedor is sent.


You must at this moment also decide if you will send it to all that list or only to a segment of her.





In case you determine what you want that only it can be sent to a segment of the list, you will select as they are the characteristics that must fulfill the members of the list which they will form that segment.

#3 Establecer the conditions of firing of the autorespondedor


This he is one of the fundamental steps of this process of creation of a autorespondedor.



In him you will have to respond to 3 questions:


1. That event will trigger the autorespondedor?

When we spoke here of events we talked about to things as when one subscribes to the list, or when a campaign is opened, or when a concrete connection of a campaign is clicado.


2. When the email can be sent?

Once the event is fulfilled that sends the autorespondedor, you must indicate to him when the mail will be sent: on the following day, that same day, after 3 days, one week¦


3. To that hour and that days will be able to be realised the shipment?

Even though that in the previous question you will determine to him when it must be sent, it is in this third question where you will tell him to what hour or in what days of the week must indeed be sent. Perhaps thus for example, you want that even though that the event is fulfilled and I arrived the moment from shipment, are not realised shipments Saturday and Sunday. For that you will unmark those days.

#4 Informar into the initial datas of the autorespondedor


In this section you must indicate the name of the autorespondedor, the title of the mail and the name and email of the sender.


Here he is of application everything what I told in lesson on the 17 creation and shipment you of campaigns.

#5 Elegir group that you want to use


Like you did in the case of the campaigns you must choose the corporative group within œYou know Templates





#6 Personalizar the content and leaves from the design


Once chosen the group the message is the moment for personalizing so much how the promotional central image.





#7 Activar the autorespondedor


And either finally, once you have verified that all the elements are Ok, or can activate the autorespondedor by means of the button œStart Autoresponder.





Once activated it will ask to you that you confirm it in an emergent window.





As of the moment of confirmation the autorespondedor will begin to work and you will have an automatic salesman for your business.


Here you have the v­deotutorial to see as I create and assets a autorespondedor:




The autorespondedores are the best strategy of email sale marketing for stores and restaurants.


Even though that stops to have available these autorespondedores you must have an account of payment in mailchimp, I can assure to you that in very few days you will have amortized its annual cost.


In the Internet businesses a phrase exists that made at the time much fortune that was œSells while you sleep. In this case, with the implementation of a good strategy of autorespondedores you will be able to apply to your business an adaptation of that phrase that I allow myself to do that it is œSells while you take care of your work in your business.


You will have a great salesman to your service that will bring you to your clients and other new ones to your business so that they consume or they buy more products and of more amount with a system very automated.

And your, you have thought about automating part of the work of attraction of clients to your business? It seems interesting to fill of clients your business to You? It will enchant to me to know your opinion or experiences by means of anyone the social channels or in the commentaries this article.

Lesson 18: To create attractive campaigns graphically:

Lesson 18: To create attractive campaigns graphically:

Now that or you can create and send campaigns to all or some of your clients I want that we stop ourselves in a very important aspect at the time of obtaining that those shipments become sales in your store or restaurant: the graphical design of those campaigns.


In order to secure to really attractive and professional designs of your campaigns and autorespondedores a secret weapon exists. This secret weapon is called


That is is a gratuitous application Web that obtains to professional designs on the part of people without no conocimeinto of design nor of use of design tools.


What is the Structure of a Campaign?


As you already discovered in the previous lesson the creation of campaigns (and also of autorespondedores how you will discover in later lessons) must follow a structure of contents.


Even though that, as I already commented you in lesson 15 on the creation of groups, at the time of creating a group you can follow the structure that your you consider, next I present the structure to you that I itself with my clients with very good result:


Scheme soles EMM complerta

Scheme soles EMM complerta


With this structure we obtained that the messages are clear and always they follow a coherence. Of this form, we avoided to create campaigns to which lacks some of the elements nails.


As you can see in this proposal of structure are 2 blocks where it is very important to be able to apply graphical elements that they give to great force and quality to the message:


  • The head: This head will be an image of 940x190px that can be used in all the shipments that you realise. Normally it will include the logo and/or the name of the business, and can also include the slogan, in case of having it.


  • The central creativity of the Campaign: This image is the central part of the shipment. In her it will appear the central message of the campaign or the autorespondedor. In her it must be determined the message that you want that I arrived at receiving client of the shipment. As I recommend to you later, you do this image of 800x1200px in


How designed are the images for the shipments with


Even though that is very simple and is conceived so that noncustomary people to the tools of graphical design work with him, I have wanted to develop a small scheme of steps that you must follow to create designs for your campaigns and autorespondedores.


#1 Crear a gratuitous account in


In order to create an account you must go to and place your email and a password. Also you can be created an account by means of your profile of Facebook.





#2 Crear a linen cloth with Dimensions œGraphic Blog


Once created the account and verified the mail with which you have registered you must go to the part superior of your screen where design is œStart to new and among all the predefined sizes you must choose the one of œBlog graphic.





This design counts on a size of 800x1200px.


You must consider that once this image is raised your campaign in Mailchimp, this one will turn this size to 600x900px. It is important that you never place an image with a width inferior to 600px, since then the image will not be seen with clarity.


For the case of the head image, you must choose the option œUses custom dimensions and to assign a measurement to him of 940x190px.


#3 Elegir Group of Design


Once already you have defined the size of the creativity, in the left part of the screen will appear to you the predefined designs of which you arrange.


In order to select one, you only must drag the wished one to the central part where it is the linen cloth.





One of the advantages that it has to use one of the sizes that to us Canva facilitates is that we can start off of really good designs where, as we see in the following steps, you can modify all the existing one in the design that you have chosen and/or to insert all the elements that you consider opportune.


#4 Modificar color of the bottom


From the election of the design that you will use as it bases for yours, you can change the color of the bottom or to even choose another Bottom going to the eyelash œBackground and dragging to the linen cloth the bottom that you like.





#5 so large Personalizar, color, texts and fonts of the elements and texts


Easily you can modify the size, the color, the transparency, the type and the size of letter, as well as the position of all the elements that comprised of your departure design, simply selecting them and using the controls that will appear to you upon these.





Also you can eliminate all the elements that exceed selecting them to you and clicking on the icon of the dustbin





#6 Insertar new elements and texts to the design


You can insert new elements to the design going to œSearch and choosing between the different types from elements: Lines, Banners, Icons, etc.





Once unfolded some of those categories of elements you must choose the one that you want to incorporate to your design and to drag it to your design. That easy!


Once either you have that element in your design, or you can modify it or to eliminate according to you have seen it in the previous step.


#7 Publicar and to unload final image


Once already you have the image as you want it, only has left to unload it. Going to œLink&Publish of the right part superior of your screen and choosing later if you want the design in format image or format pdf (to use it for email campaigns marketing it only uses without a doubt the format image).


to #7PublicarYDescargar

to #7PublicarYDescargar





#8 Insertar image in the campaign of Mailchimp


Now that or you have the image unloaded in your computer, or you can go Mailchimp and create the campaign.





When choosing the group with that you are going to realise the campaign, in the place of the promotional image, replacing the image that appears in the group by this image which you have constructed in Canva for that campaign.


Conclusion will change not only to the image of your campaigns and autorespondedores but all the image that it give of your local business to the public.


This tool is going to serve to you to easily create without knowledge in design flyers, menus, promotional images, images in the point of sale, etc. will cause that the image that you transmit of your business in social networks improves substantially, since with her you will create banners and images for your page and your posts in facebook, the graphical personalisation of your channel of Twitter or the one of your channel of Youtube.
You are really going to discover a tool that will take the image of your business to another level. Before it had never been so easy to be able to have a professional corporative design to cost 0 or with really ridiculous investments.




Next you can see all the tutorial in version video:






Lesson 17: How to create and to send or to program a campaign with Mailchimp

Lesson 17: How to create and to send or to program a campaign with Mailchimp

Perhaps this lesson where you will discover as to create and to send a campaign with Mailchimp it is, along with the lesson of how constructing the form of capture of data (lesson 5), more important of the course.


Once already we have all the work done, arrives the moment for sending communications to your clients.


How or I showed you in lesson 14 on the different types from shipments, the campaigns are shipments manuals (against the automatization of the autorespondedores) that your you realise when you want to send some type of message to all or to some of your clients.


What type of campaigns you can send to the clients of your restaurant or it lies down?


There are several types of messages that you can send manually at a certain moment:


#1 general Communication on the business

An example would be here to communicate your clients who as of day 14 of August until end of month your business will be closed by vacation, or that the business has moved two streets more above.


#2 the News of the present time of the business

For example that or you have the new letter of summer or that or is on sale the new collection of clothes spring-summer 2014.


#3 periodic Supply

You could send, for example, to your clients the supply of the month or the week. A restaurant could send all the Mondays the supply of the plate of the week, or all the Fridays here the menus of the weekend.


#4 precise Supply

You could in this case at night of sending to all your list a supply for that Tuesday that you do not have many reserves a supply of œChildren free to fill up the tables that night you are going to have empty. How you see, this possibility gives to great capacity of reaction against the situations of load of clients in your store or restaurant you.


#5 Survey of satisfaction

You could send a survey of satisfaction to your clients to know his opinion on some aspect the business, product or service, thus to be able to improve it.


#6. Indicated dates

You will be able to send supplies or promotions for indicated days of the calendar where the clients buy to you especially, how for example the Mother's Day, Christmas, halloween, et cetera.


This listing I only try that it serves to be on you the awares on the great utility that it has to be able to send campaigns to your list of clients.



How they are created and sent are the campaigns?


Following the own structure of Mailchimp, a campaign is created following the following 6 steps:


#1 Crear a campaign œRegular OI Campaign

In order to create a campaign you will have to go to the Campaigns eyelash and in the right part superior to click in the drop-down one and, among all the types of campaign, to choose œTo regulate OI Campaign. This option is the one that will create the ordinary or generic Campaign to you.




#2 Elegir the list to which you want to send the campaign: everything or starts off

For the case that in your account exists more than a list you will have to choose to what of them you will send the campaign.

Once chosen the list you will have to decide if the campaign will be sent to all the clients of the list or only to a part of her. Itself you send to him to a part of her (segment) you will have to decide if you will use a kept segment or if you realise the segmentation at this moment.





To segment a list supposes to establish that by means of one or more criteria, the campaign will be only sent to the clients who fulfill that or those criteria of segmentation.

Position in an example so that it is easier to understand: You can establish that campaign is only sent to the clients who are women, or who in addition I was only sent to that they are women who registered month in the last, or only to that its last purchase has surpassed the 30 Euros.


#3 Informar into the initial datas of the campaign

You will have to inform into the name of the campaign (it will have informative character and he will be only visible for you), the holder of the mail (Subject Email), the sender (From yam) or the mail of the sender (From email address).


To inform initial datas

To inform initial datas

#4 Elegir the group that you want to use

As or you discovered in the lesson 15 of how creating groups, you must choose if your campaign will be based on basic, predefined subjects by Mailchimp, groups yours or kept or done by you by means of code HTML.





In this point, you are going to go to œYou know Templates and you will choose the corporative group that you constructed in lesson 15.


#5 Personalizar the content and leaves from the design


Once selected the group that you constructed for your business, you will only have to modify texts and the images.

Here it is where you are going to appreciate the fact to have a corporative group done of great quality, since that will facilitate its personalisation to you for many of the campaigns that you will send.


To personalize content

To personalize content

#6 Enviar or to program the shipment of campanya

This it is the last step. Once or finished all the process you must choose between sending the campaign then (Send button) or programming his shipment for a little while later (Shedule button).


To send bell

To send bell


If you choose to program the shipment, you will have to indicate the day that you want to send it, and if you want to send it to one hour makes specific yours or of your client (for the case of clients of different hour zones and only available for payment accounts), or finally to leave it is Mailchimp that sends it to the hours that according to its experience greater impact can cause in your clients (also only available for payment accounts).

My recommendation is this point is that you always send the campaigns in the schedule chosen by you and according to your hour zone.

The hour in particular in which the campaign must be sent will depend very much on the type of business and campaign. It cannot be the same supply to go to have dinner that night with a 20% of discount (it would send it to average afternoon) that the announcement of the campaign of the day of the father (it would first thing send it in the morning between 7 and 8 in the morning).


In this video I show to you step by step as creating and sending a campaign following these 6 easy steps.



Test to send informative campaigns and of promotion and you will quickly see the results in your recording box.


But as the form is as important as the bottom in the promotion of your business, in the next lesson I am going to show to you as graphically realising professional campaigns by means of a tool that really is going to change the image of your business. You will see it in the next lesson.


If you it has been of utility this entrance only I request you that you share it in your social networks, or that if you know any other proprietor of local business that you believe that this content can be to him from help, you are sent it by email electronic.


Lesson 16: How to construct to a Newsletter for your store or restaurant

Lesson 16: How to construct to a Newsletter for your store or restaurant

One of the things that without a doubt would have to make all business, and in this case a restaurant or a store is not different, is to make arrive the things that make their clients. Really, a business must communicate all new features to the clients, thus to secure 2 objectives:

1. That the business is present in the mind of the client when this one get ready to buy or to consume products or services that we sell.
2. That the client is found out everything what has to do with the restaurant or lies down, that is to say, that knows that supplies or new features exist in the business.


A tool easy to implement to arrive this way at continuous knowledge of your clients is to send daily, weekly or monthly to newsletter to your clients.
Newsletter it is an e-mail that is formed by last publications in your corporative blog (Yes, you must have yes or yes a corporative blog).


In this lesson 16 of the gratuitous course of email marketing with Mailchimp to increase the sales in stores and restaurants I explain as constructing to you step by step this to newsletter that each will be sent automatically to your clients when your you have decided it.



In order to construct to newsletter with Mailchimp we are going to follow 9 steps:


1. To find the Feed of your corporative blog: In case of having a blog done with ( feed it is the URL where it is your Web, followed of œ/feed. In my case feed is in


2. To create a campaign RSS: As he already dresses in lesson 14 where he spoke of the different types from shipments, within the campaigns several types of shipments exist. One of them is Campaign RSS.


3. To decide the regularity with which newsletter to our clients will be sent: This can be sent or daily, or weekly, or monthly. That is to say, if we have chosen that is sent to newsletter weekly, in case that week an entrance or several has been written in the blog, will automatically be sent a mail with all the entrances of the blog that have been written that week.
A regularity that I recommend you for a business of restoration or retail sale is weekly, although of course, that also will depend on your regularity in the publication of entrances in the blog.


4. To determine to that list and to that clients of your list you will send the Newsletter: You can send it to all or only to a part (a segment). Most habitual it is than this shipment if it is sent to all the list.


5. To inform into the title and the sender of the mail that will receive your clients: In this case I recommend to you to use a very descriptive and clear title, as for example œNew features of the month in Restaurant the Horizon.


6. To choose the shipment group: Even though that in the previous lesson on groups it recommended to you that you left from predesigned groups (Themes eyelash), in this case all the 9 designs available œRSS-to-email are Classic, reason why they are not adapted for the movable devices. For this reason, in this case I recommend to you that you construct the group from zero in the eyelash œBASIC (in the video you will see exactly how).


7. To personalize the design and the content of the Newsletter: Once already you have your determined structure will be the moment for incorporating blocks to your newsletter. You must incorporate as minimum a block œRSS Header and one œRSS Items.
In addition, as we already saw in the previous lesson you must give graphical design (colors, sources, sizes) to the information of each of those blocks.


8. To send a test to you to your e-mail: Always, I repeat, always you must send a test to you to your e-mail before giving the configuration by good. I say it to you by experience: still today when I realise some shipment without proving it before small errors in the mail are strained to me.
You will only take some seconds, and you will avoid to give bad image to your clients.


9. To activate the periodic shipment of the Newsletter: Once or you have verified that the shipment like and are as you wish you, is the moment for confirming the programming of the shipment of the daily, weekly Newsletter, or monthly. You only must activate the button œStart RSS in the last step œConfirm


How you see, it is very easy to form to newsletter for your store or restaurant. this tool is going to serve to you to have informed periodically your client into the new features that are arising in your business and which your you are publishing in your blog.

If it has served to you this entrance I request you that you send it to that you know and that could also improve its business starting up a Newsletter for its clients.

For the week that comes, I will publish Lesson 17 of the course regarding œHow creating a campaign in Mailchimp. Greetings.