One of the most important aspects in the email marketing it is the appearance of the shipments. This is thus coverall when what is sent they are commercial supplies.

To this aim Mailchimp it has tools very powerful and easy simultaneously to construct groups to the shipments of our business.

At the time of creating a group of shipments you will be with two possibilities:

1. To start off of a predefined design by Mailchimp: In this case it will be easier to obtain us professional finishing, since what you will have to do she is to select a group that you like and to adapt it to the colors and images of your restaurant or lies down.

2. To start off of zero: Although it will be to you more difficult to work from this option, you are going to have more freedom of creation of the group if you show preference for this one option.


Against these 2 possibilities, my recommendation is that you leave from a predefined design to construct your first corporative group. This first corporative group will serve to you as it bases to create the different groups that you will use in your shipments. It is for this reason that I recommend to you that you take pains in its design, since will mark the graphical quality that your clients perceive of your business.

At the time of choosing a predefined group, you must pay attention very or to if he is of the type œDrug and drops or œClassic:

  • Drug&Drop: they are much more flexible groups, where you will be able to only incorporate different blocks from content dragging & dropping elements. These groups œDrug and drops are in addition responsive, element this essential today to arrive as well as possible at all the devices of your client.
  • Classic: On the contrary these are not adapted to the movable devices and in them you will not be able to incorporate new blocks of content.

Really, my recommendations at the time of constructing your first corporative group are:

  1. Brighten to you in the first group especially, since it will mark the corporative style of your shipments.
  2. A group œDrug&Drop chooses

In this video of the email course marketing you will discover all this others already as to publish i to eliminate modules of your groups, and as to publish the design (typography, colors,¦) of your groups.



In the next lesson we are going to see or how construct to newsletter corporative for your restaurant or lies down. I hope to you there. Greetings


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