Perhaps this lesson where you will discover as to create and to send a campaign with Mailchimp it is, along with the lesson of how constructing the form of capture of data (lesson 5), more important of the course.


Once already we have all the work done, arrives the moment for sending communications to your clients.


How or I showed you in lesson 14 on the different types from shipments, the campaigns are shipments manuals (against the automatization of the autorespondedores) that your you realise when you want to send some type of message to all or to some of your clients.


What type of campaigns you can send to the clients of your restaurant or it lies down?


There are several types of messages that you can send manually at a certain moment:


#1 general Communication on the business

An example would be here to communicate your clients who as of day 14 of August until end of month your business will be closed by vacation, or that the business has moved two streets more above.


#2 the News of the present time of the business

For example that or you have the new letter of summer or that or is on sale the new collection of clothes spring-summer 2014.


#3 periodic Supply

You could send, for example, to your clients the supply of the month or the week. A restaurant could send all the Mondays the supply of the plate of the week, or all the Fridays here the menus of the weekend.


#4 precise Supply

You could in this case at night of sending to all your list a supply for that Tuesday that you do not have many reserves a supply of œChildren free to fill up the tables that night you are going to have empty. How you see, this possibility gives to great capacity of reaction against the situations of load of clients in your store or restaurant you.


#5 Survey of satisfaction

You could send a survey of satisfaction to your clients to know his opinion on some aspect the business, product or service, thus to be able to improve it.


#6. Indicated dates

You will be able to send supplies or promotions for indicated days of the calendar where the clients buy to you especially, how for example the Mother's Day, Christmas, halloween, et cetera.


This listing I only try that it serves to be on you the awares on the great utility that it has to be able to send campaigns to your list of clients.



How they are created and sent are the campaigns?


Following the own structure of Mailchimp, a campaign is created following the following 6 steps:


#1 Crear a campaign œRegular OI Campaign

In order to create a campaign you will have to go to the Campaigns eyelash and in the right part superior to click in the drop-down one and, among all the types of campaign, to choose œTo regulate OI Campaign. This option is the one that will create the ordinary or generic Campaign to you.




#2 Elegir the list to which you want to send the campaign: everything or starts off

For the case that in your account exists more than a list you will have to choose to what of them you will send the campaign.

Once chosen the list you will have to decide if the campaign will be sent to all the clients of the list or only to a part of her. Itself you send to him to a part of her (segment) you will have to decide if you will use a kept segment or if you realise the segmentation at this moment.





To segment a list supposes to establish that by means of one or more criteria, the campaign will be only sent to the clients who fulfill that or those criteria of segmentation.

Position in an example so that it is easier to understand: You can establish that campaign is only sent to the clients who are women, or who in addition I was only sent to that they are women who registered month in the last, or only to that its last purchase has surpassed the 30 Euros.


#3 Informar into the initial datas of the campaign

You will have to inform into the name of the campaign (it will have informative character and he will be only visible for you), the holder of the mail (Subject Email), the sender (From yam) or the mail of the sender (From email address).


To inform initial datas

To inform initial datas

#4 Elegir the group that you want to use

As or you discovered in the lesson 15 of how creating groups, you must choose if your campaign will be based on basic, predefined subjects by Mailchimp, groups yours or kept or done by you by means of code HTML.





In this point, you are going to go to œYou know Templates and you will choose the corporative group that you constructed in lesson 15.


#5 Personalizar the content and leaves from the design


Once selected the group that you constructed for your business, you will only have to modify texts and the images.

Here it is where you are going to appreciate the fact to have a corporative group done of great quality, since that will facilitate its personalisation to you for many of the campaigns that you will send.


To personalize content

To personalize content

#6 Enviar or to program the shipment of campanya

This it is the last step. Once or finished all the process you must choose between sending the campaign then (Send button) or programming his shipment for a little while later (Shedule button).


To send bell

To send bell


If you choose to program the shipment, you will have to indicate the day that you want to send it, and if you want to send it to one hour makes specific yours or of your client (for the case of clients of different hour zones and only available for payment accounts), or finally to leave it is Mailchimp that sends it to the hours that according to its experience greater impact can cause in your clients (also only available for payment accounts).

My recommendation is this point is that you always send the campaigns in the schedule chosen by you and according to your hour zone.

The hour in particular in which the campaign must be sent will depend very much on the type of business and campaign. It cannot be the same supply to go to have dinner that night with a 20% of discount (it would send it to average afternoon) that the announcement of the campaign of the day of the father (it would first thing send it in the morning between 7 and 8 in the morning).


In this video I show to you step by step as creating and sending a campaign following these 6 easy steps.



Test to send informative campaigns and of promotion and you will quickly see the results in your recording box.


But as the form is as important as the bottom in the promotion of your business, in the next lesson I am going to show to you as graphically realising professional campaigns by means of a tool that really is going to change the image of your business. You will see it in the next lesson.


If you it has been of utility this entrance only I request you that you share it in your social networks, or that if you know any other proprietor of local business that you believe that this content can be to him from help, you are sent it by email electronic.


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