What AMAZON does not want that you know

What AMAZON does not want that you know

Whichever times you have become the following affirmations?

This is not for my business; the great ones have more resources; they have equipment of marketing dedicated to their business; clearly, if I were the McDonalds; .....

The certain thing is that, as everything in the life, there are things that are certain, and things that no.

Amazon, Corte Ingl©s, Unequal,¦. all of them have more resources, equipment of marketing, much experience, image, brand,¦.

But the important thing for you, is that you can also implement with your clients, many of the strategies who use Amazon or Corte Ingl©s, with less resources, less personnel, less experience, less¦. what you want!

What it happens is that they did not explain to you how to do it, nor their equipment of marketing either.

It does not interest to them to do it.

They do not want that you are its competitor.

For that I here am.

In order to tell you what Amazon and Corte Ingl©s do not want that you know.

It is certain that these great companies have tens of dedicated people to influence to their clients, and whom are it potentially, so that they spend more money in his products or services.

The truth is that also you would like to do it truth?

If you follow our blog, you will know of the importance that we give the fact to have a list with all the possible data of your clients.

At least with the name, the email and the date of birthday.

Also we have spoken of the use of the email marketing with those clients, in fact already you know the piece email course marketing who we have totally gratuitous¦ or no?

If you do not have the list of clients you do not continue reading and she implements already!

Then with these premises I am going to explain 6 strategies to you essential fidelizar to your clients, who Amazon and Corte Ingl©s do not want that you know, and much less that you apply them.

Ah, can seem evident, but just in case: they if they apply them 😉


1# Felicita to your clients by its birthday

It enchants to me,

It makes me feel well, 

That my supplier congratulates me by my birthday, demonstrates me that I am not only anybody to whom to remove the money it doesn't seem to you?

If in addition you prepare a detail to them, BINGO. 

If there is a date that to tod@s we like to celebrate is the one of our birthday, so, why you are going to let pass the occasion to be present in the mind of your clients in one of the most important days for them? 

Perhaps Or they don't congratulate the œunnamable ones to you of more above when yours arrives? 

Therefore, already you know, implements this strategy and you will be able to attract your business to your clients in a day in which more they are a little predisposed to spend money 😉


2# Implementa a Seal Card

This is a very typical strategy in businesses with much repetition: restaurants, hairdressing salons, stores delicatessen,¦ 

If you have a business of this type, you must implement strategies of the type, œthe 10 menu it payment I, or œthe 5 haircut, free. 

These strategies maintain to your client stuck to your business.

Or where you think that it will eat your client, if your you invite to him to a menu of each 10?

However, you do not do it and hopes to that a competitor comes (normally a tax exemption) that he will rob the client.


3# Prize Top Client

Surely now I am going to pillage to you. 

To that you do not know, with certainty, without fear to be mistaken, as they are your 3 better clients? 

Good perhaps, if you have few if you know it, but have many certainly you do not guess right with the three. 

Than it is dealt with this strategy is that œyou award your better clients, to which spend more money in your business. 

A gift, a drawing, some entered for a spectacle, investigates them and gives something them that arrives to them at the heart.

That can seem obvious, but I repeat you know who is yours? 

shelp my mother to me when he was small. 

Then already you know.


4# To third goes the won one

When I discovered this strategy I thought, then the same it is right. 

You know that esteem that until a client does not buy in your business by third time, we cannot consider it a œtrue client? 

Caramba, because you put it to me easy, truth? It is necessary to be able of which all the clients who enter our business buy, and at least 3 times do it. 

It is that simple. 

So when a client realises his second purchase in your business, you must put into operation this strategy, and make him arrive an irresistible promotion that attracts it your business by third time.


5# Events VIP

To some of your clients they like many more things to part of your services and/or products.

To some they like to attend maridajes and product tastings, to others they like the theater, some go to parades, and to others they simply like to leave to take a beer with people œguay. 

You do not fail to take advantage of the occasion to invite your clients to acts of this style. 

Preferably if you organize them. It would lack more! 

It organizes œthe day of the club and invites them to some refreshments and to prick-it itches in your business, or the neighboring cafeteria. 

Any excuse is good to improve the personal relation with your clients, you don't create?


6# Thanks of heart

I have shelp to You that œthe thanked for being is of born good? 

Nothing costs to send an email, tuna, candy, of heart, to all clients, one or two days after its purchase, being thankful to them the confidence that continue showing with your products and services. 

That yes, in this strategy I must to you put 


If you have a business of much repetition: meal of the day, lies down with products of daily consumption or weekly,¦ you must be a little careful with this strategy. 

Ponte in the place of your client (that you must always do it).

You imagine to go to eat every day the menu to a restaurant and to every time receive the same message of œThanks, of heart? 

To good listener¦.


Bueno amig@, 

What have seemed you the strategies?

You have implemented Them sometimes?

You are going to implement some?


Post leaves me your commentaries in, and if you think that I am right more than santo in which I have explained to you, you do not prevail of the knowledge to your amig@s, and shares this article. 

After all, we received what we give no?


Until in a moment


9 Strategies to improve the sales of your Clinic

9 Strategies to improve the sales of your Clinic

You are propietario/of a an Aesthetic or Dental Clinic?

You have the objective of your business focused in your client?

You continue yourself forming in best and the more technical outposts to give a better service to your clients?

¦. certainly yes, certain? ¦

Nevertheless, you think that all that effort is not compensated. You feel that you are not able to make arrive at your clients everything what your Clinic can do by them.

At the moment, only there is a secret so that your Clinic improves day to day (apart from which you offer a good relation quality/price in your services, but this I am going it to estimate).


I am going it to you to summarize in a phrase:

  • When you offer a new service, they must it know.
  • When you write a new article, they must read it.
  • When you acquire a new equipment, you must communicate it.
  • When you incorporate a new member to the equipment, they have to be first in knowing it.
  • When you have an irresistible promotion, who you think that it must know it in the first place.

¦ indeed.


And how made is this?

When you have few clients (less than 25), you can call to them by telephone to all, indiscriminately.

When you have 100 clients less than, you can send an e-mail to each of them, indiscriminately.

When you have more than 100 clients the subject is begun to complicate, since many calls and many post office begin to be indiscriminate manuals, and more if you want to establish with your clients a perfect relation in which you want to offer the information to them what really it interests to them.

In this point already you need a SYSTEM

That yes, you need a SYSTEM thought about the real needs your clients and about those your Clinic.

A SYSTEM that boasts designs on the basis of some previous objectives, and must plan some directed strategies to secure those objectives.


But before entering to describe to those objectives and strategies, I want to do some to you questions:

  • What you do with the clients who arrive for the first time at the Clinic?
  • You have some SYSTEM to cause that those clients return?
  • You have some SYSTEM that can influence in the habits of consumption of your clients?


And most basic of all

  • You construct a list of clients with data as the date of birth, and the e-mail? And more important still, you use it somehow?

It would like me that you participated in this article and you left the answers me to these questions in the commentaries ok?


Good, once put in flour, we are going to design the objectives that you must consider and the strategies that you must implement, to have a permanent and efficient contact with the clients of your Clinic.

Objectives that must have your Clinic

  1. To have one lists, at least, with the name, the email and the date of birthday of all the people who enter your Clinic (and in your Web, but that we spoke it another day). The perfect excuse is the one to mount a Club of Clients.
  2. Quantitative objectives
    1. You want to let grow the list of clients
    2. You want to sell more to your clients
    3. You want to retain more to your clients
    4. You want to catch new clients.
  3. Qualitative objectives
    1. You want to offer to your clients what they want or really they need.
    2. You love clients who feel that they are fundamental part of the Clinic.
    3. You love clients who really feel satisfied to promote your Clinic.
    4. You want to show your clients all the capacity and effectiveness to them of your services and products

Strategies to achieve the objectives

  1. The one of Welcome. Indeed, you will give the welcome to all clients, inviting them to comprise of your œClub of clients. In this way we will begin to construct the list (objective 1).
  2. The Diffusion of the œClub Client. You will make diffusion of your form from subscription to your Club Client by your webpage, by social networks, by means of flyers¦ so that so many people are united to the Club as they want (objective 2,1).
  3. The Strategy of the œcomplementary service, about œlaunching of product or service, œby vol. investment¦ is of focused strategies to secure a greater consumption on the part of your clients (objective 2.2)
  4. The Recovery of clients. You think that a client yours who feels like care, informed, that receives some promotion¦. he is going to be easy that he resorts to the services of another Clinic? I know that it will be difficult that happens. (objective 2,3). But some client would have that temptation, you can implement recovery strategies, for example with all the clients whom a certain time does that they do not go to your Clinic.
  5. Strategies œto share in social networks œ, œsee with a friend¦ Your clients will be proud to take to your Clinic to their friendships since they are enchanted with the relation that they are obtaining with you (objective 2,4).
  6. If a client yours is not interested for anything in the surgery, you don't think that he is better to offer your other services to him? , those by which yes it shows interest? Give what really they want to them and you will have faithful clients (objective 3.1)
  7. Invite them to events, informed tenlos into your last successes, your last presentations, really, beam that feel as a member of the family of your Clinic (objective 3,2).
  8. It restores the day of the new partner and asks to them your clients who come with their friendships. It asks your clients who share your information in their social networks. It thinks that they are enchanted with the relation that they have with you. They will do it without a doubt. Who does not promote does something than feel like part? (objective 3,3).
  9. Newsletter. You must create one, and if you have it, use it correctly. Your clients must wait for your publication (weekly, biweekly, monthly¦ you decide although I recommend to you, at least, one to the month) in which them information of the last new features of your Clinic, your sector, last products¦ You will demonstrate to them that you are to the last one. That they are in the best hands 😉


He is not bad truth? and all this How I do it? What tools I need? How I define in detail the strategies? ¦


You do not worry, we will be seeing these subjects in detail in other articles, but you want to know a SYSTEM effective, gratuitous, detailed and proven BEAM CLICK HERE


Good, if you think that this article you has served for something, if you think that the information that I have provided to you has value, comp¡rtela. After all we received what we give no?


Until in a moment.

How to formulate a plan of email effective marketing for your business in 7 simple steps

How to formulate a plan of email effective marketing for your business in 7 simple steps

Before entering how to formulate a Plan of Email marketing for your business, you must know that at the moment the channel of more profitable marketing for businesses is the email marketing.

The email executed marketing correctly will report 40 Euros to you of benefit by each Euro inverted in him.

As you see, this cannot say anyone to it.


Why you need a plan email marketing?

But the problem that I am when knowing proprietors of local businesses that already work with the email marketing for their clients is that they do not have any plan of action, and so they do not operate to the maximum the potential of this so profitable channel.

It thinks well about this¦ If simply what beams are to send emails to clients being offered to them what you create opportune at every moment, it is very probable that you do not secure good results with those campaigns, since they will not be aligned with the positioning of your business.

Thus, to obtain that the email actions marketing arrive in their maximum expression at your account of results, you need to construct a Plan.

A Plan of Email marketing is very similar to any type of marketing plan that is carried out in a business, since it consists of an analytical part, another strategic and another tactics.

But for you see the simple thing that a good Plan of email gets to be to implement you yourself marketing, I have divided its execution in 7 simple steps.


Step 1: It defines your hearing

If you do not know to who you want to arrive, certainly you are not going to them to arrive.

Or even worse: If you want to sell to all, you will not sell to anybody.

You must know more approximately possible your potential clients, who are going to be the adressees of your emails.

Center you in a single person, visualizes it with all forces. One is about Pepe, or Juan, or Maria, or of¦.

Coje a sheet of paper in target and begins to write that it thinks, that says, that it sees and that person listens who you visualize as your ideal client.

At the most you know your client, better you are going to be able to focus that and when you are going to him to send by mail so that those shipments become clients and business.


Step 2: It determines the Objective

Before home to construct any shipment to your clients you must know clearly what is the objective who you persecute with him. Why you are sent it?

The main objectives that you can persecute with the email marketing are:

#1 Educar to your clients

#2 Conseguir authority

#3 Fidelizar to your clients

#4 Incrementar the number of clients

#5 Conseguir a sale

#6 Crear or to increase your brand

#7 Recuperar clients

If your email does not have a clear and direct objective, most usual than you pass is that it does not obtain any.


Step 3: To compile content to hook your clients

Once already you know clearly who (with whom you want to contact by email) and why (which is the objective that you persecute), is the hour to determine what (what type of content you are going to him to send).

Before entering in particular this aspect, I want to do a very important reflection to you.

Your client has left his email you because she is interested in that you send information to him. But you must have present that nowadays, that client, certainly is receiving hundreds of emails every month in his inbox.

For this reason, your obligation is to send information to him of great value for him.

Before sending the information, you must be placed œin the shoes of your adressee and be asked œWhat there is here for my. If in your communication there is no a unique message, clearly, direct and of great interest for your client, more likely it does not open your email, or it is even terminated of your list.

For this reason always you must send value to your readers. Great doses of value.

You can basically send 2 types of content that will generate enlistment with them:

  1. Content on your business: Here you can send promotions, supplies, discounts in your products or services. Or also you can send the news that it generates or in which it appears your local business.
  1. Content not directly on your business: Here you can send to your clients, for example, pills of information that form to them in aspects related to the products or services that your you sell, or the last new features in your sector to have to them informed to the last one, or real cases of success with your products or services.

That one really important is that the content that you send here is excellent and of interest of your clients.

You must know how to combine types of content both, since it is not good only for sending purchase proposals. By email more with the persuasion than with the direct sale is sold.


Step 4: To prepare a summary of your objectives

Once already you have determined that type of content you are going to send to your subscribers, you must place of strategic way those contents in an annual calendar.

I recommend that in this point lame the objectives to you that you have marked yourself in Step 2 and you establish campaigns at different times from the year to obtain them.

Once you have this, it places each one of the campaigns inside, and it determines what type or types of contents is going to include each of them.

The best form to see is establishing it an example:


Step 5: To determine the shipment frequency

A very important aspect is the frequency of shipment of communications with the list of your clients.

In this point many types of different opinions exist on which it is the best frequency of shipment.

According to my experience, a perfect frequency does not exist. This must depend mainly on the type of business and on the value that I contribute to your clients.

But I can establish that your clients must receive shipments yours as minimum once a month and at the most 2 or 3 to the week.


Step 6: To create a Calendar of Email detailed marketing

The last step to start up your Plan of email marketing is to place in the annual Calendar, the day and the hour that will be sent each one of the mails.

In this case, and it is what differentiates this passage from the quarter, I am talking about to detail in the calendar each one of the shipments to realise, and no longer only the campaigns and the objectives that you persecute.

This it is also the moment at which you must establish for each shipment details as the title of the email, the sender, the text and all the aspects of each shipment.

Once executed this step, you will already have all the detailed content of each email to send.


Step 7: It reviews and it optimizes

The Plan of Email marketing of your business must be an alive and dynamic element.

From the results of the different shipments in relation to the objectives that you have marked yourself, you must analyze his degree of fulfillment: You have obtained that Xs clients come to your store to buy a certain product? or You have obtained that a X% of your readers will be the email in the qual you taught as applying to a certain product newness to them in your business?

From the observation and the measurement of the results of the different campaigns, you must be modifying and adapting your Plan to the obtained results.

Thus you will optimize continuously the results that the email marketing contributes to your business.



The Plan of Email marketing of your business is as a map to secure the objectives that you have marked yourself.

If you do not know the point at which you set out to arrive with the email marketing ten by certainly will not arrive at no side, and will invest to time and money without obtaining the results that you could hope in the case of acting of strategic way.

And do you, have a Plan of Email marketing for your business? That fulfillment degree has? You are reviewing It?

I wait for your commentaries and experiences. If it is to you useful east post for your business I would like that you shared it in the social networks so that more people can take advantage of her content.