3 keys to improve your reputation online

3 keys to improve your reputation online

Does the reputation online of your business satisfy your potential clients?


If amig@, these are some of the reactions that have your potential clients when they find your business through Internet

And those reactions, brought about by the opinions of your clients, are those that œdefine your level of reputation online. We go, really, œbuen@ or œmal@ that you are according to your clients.

Therefore, you like or not (œthat of how goes that is to say there is to prepare a paella you have been able to think sometimes), you want it or no,¦ although you cabree, your business is at the expense of the opinion that of him your clients have.

Although that always has been thus, only that before, the famous œmouth mouth was neither so fast, nor had as much reach nor repercussion as the opinions have it œonline.

Before, if you did not take care of a claim (founded) in your business, than it could more happen is that the relatives of your client, their friendly and neighbors, would never come to your business. But the thing did not happen to majors.

Nowadays, all that indignation is going to run as the powder by the social networks. The critics are going to appear œforever in the directories in whom it appears your business.

Panorama Goes! Your business at the expense of which your clients think. Then YES

And what you can make to avoid it. NOTHING

Caramba then why to continue reading¦

It is that you cannot make nothing avoid that happens, but can use all this reality in your favor.

If amig@, you can cause that this new reality favors to your business.

There the keys go to improve your reputation online:

1- The best thing works than you can. Professionalism

You do not burn the paella, you do not offer expired material, you really do the consultancy thinking about your client (and not taking advantage of the documentation other œsimilarities)¦, works the best thing than you can.

Yes, the best thing than you can, not it better than you know, because you always can learn more, so to improve it has been shelp.


2- You are not right always. Empathy

. Certainly you know more than your client (the majority of the times), but already have seen who shows the power of the dark side certain?

It is certain that sometimes you will be with a œedge. To this that they give him.

Another you will be somebody that goes a little œpast. Passing of the subject¦ if it is necessary flames to the agents of the Order 😉

The minuses, one that has sent your competition for œputear to you. To those you write down the matriculation to them and you serve your better specialty to them.

But the majority of the times, your clients will be people who, mistaken or no, are going to experience some sensations when they consume your products or services, and those sensations are those that are, and hardly you are going them to change.

Therefore, it recognizes that perhaps you do not have been to the height. Without objections. All we commit errors, so accept it and recognize it.


3- You must be very kind. Cleverness

Clearly, if you want to improve the reputation of your business you must be kind to the reactions that have your clients when they consume your products or your services.

If you detect a certain degree of satisfaction in them, take advantage of it and ask to them there that they leave an opinion on his experience where interests to you more (Yelp, Tripadvisor, Google.)

In addition, if you want to use a platform to manage those opinions, and to facilitate your clients who leave their commentary, I recommend to you that you see this video in which we showed an effective method to you, simple and very practitioner, to improve the reputation online of your business.


I only want to do, before finishing to you, an observation in relation to the subject of the opinions.

Each portal of opinions is a world. Each has its policies, and each establishes its requirements, so I recommend to you that, before you put yourself to ask opinions your clients, you consult the conditions who settle down each of these portals, to adapt better to the requirements than they establish to validate them and to verify them.

Post leaves me your commentaries in, and if you think that I am right more than santo in which I have explained to you, you do not prevail of the knowledge to your amig@s, and shares this article. 

After all, we received what we give no?

Crisis in your business: how to handle the negative opinions in facebook

Crisis in your business: how to handle the negative opinions in facebook

One of the most important elements now and in the future so that the clients go to your business and to your competition it is not the management of the negative opinions on Facebook and in other social and directory networks of businesses.


According to the Annual Report of the Consumer of Retail (I do not know any present), 68% of the clients who realised a negative critic on a business in social networks did not receive answer.


Its importance is so much that of that they received answer, 18% became faithful clients and a 33% realised a revision in positive of that initial negative opinion.


For which Facebook has become a referring one of opinions for your business?


Facebook has become right now one of the main portals where your clients are going to leave their opinions because simply your clients already are there.


It is very easy them to be able to leave an opinion because they do not need to register itself in a page where they do not have a user still created.


And in addition if they leave the opinions in your page of Facebook, they know that those opinions are going on Facebook to be able to be seen by their friendly.


2 birds of a shot kill themselves:

  • It is easy for them because they already are there.
  • They are able to discover good and bad experiences to illustrate to his friendly.


How you have to respond to the negative messages on Facebook?


In this point I want to present 8 rules to you that you must follow in the management of the possible bad opinions that your clients can leave in your page of Facebook:


#1 Responder as rapidly as possible

There is no worse form to act against a critic that the nonaction.

That is a scorn for your client and demonstrates to carelessness and unconcern by a situation lived by the client in your premises.

You must respond fast. Maximum in 24 hours workable. Mainly against the bad opinions, although you must answer all the opinions quickly, including the good ones.



#2 not to use œcopy-beats

A form to act very habitual on the part of proprietors of businesses or of little professional Community managers even is to create an answer type and to always respond with œshort-sticks of that or those precooked answers.

Thus you will only be able to cabrear more to your client and who the damage to your business grows still more.

Conversation with unique and concrete answers that make direct reference to the words of the client in their negative opinion.



#3 Dar to the clients more information

In the answer to our client we must give information. It does not serve to give a vague answer. You must explain the reasons.

This comforts to your client and it makes you recover the credibility in front of him (essential so that it buys to you time and time again).



#4 Tener a separated e-mail for the management of opinions

In order to be able to make a good management of those opinions, once you contact direct with the client (I explain it to you in more ahead), you must give the top priority to that question.

For that reason it is good that you only have a separated email address for this task (as for example opiniones@minegocio.com or clientes@minegocio.com.

The client will see so you worry very much about them and the experience that they live in your premises.



#5 To be honest and transparent

Another one of the things that make some businesses very badly is to answer with lies or average truths on Facebook a complaint of a client.

Coje first a remembers the saying œa lying one that to a cripple.

A lie is smelled of legua.

If minds to an angry client in the social networks, that complaint will become a great ball that will cost much money to you. Create to me!

It explains of simple way, although without details, what has happened and why.

Your clients will be thankful for your honesty and transparency to you.



#6 Pedir pardon if it is necessary

In the case that indeed is some negligence by your part or the one of your employees, it apologises openly.

That will make that the client lowers his barrier to you and is opened to explain the details to you than is past, having been able turn the information on that complaint into an improvement of your business.



#7 Taken care of with the Troll

If you detect that opinion negative comes from troll (person that only looks for the confrontation without keeping the most mini forms from education), not him DES field.

It answers the first fast time and you do not return to make contact with him.

It thinks that these individuals feed themselves on the confrontation with their interlocutors. Therefore, You do not feed 😉 to him!



#8 you do not take it to you as something personal

Many proprietors of businesses take the negative opinions from the clients as an attack to their people.

Partly I can understand that action: your business is your life, you go the life in him and you try that it is as well as possible.

But he can be that some thing becomes bad, and you must understand that a client thinks of negative way is a quality control that gives the opportunity to detect you in what aspects of your business you need to improve.



What concrete steps you must follow on Facebook against a negative opinion of your business?


Once already you know which are the masterful lines of action against the negative opinions of your clients on Facebook, we are going to face œstep by step of what doing when you receive a negative opinion of somebody.



#1 fast Answer and to request contact by telephone

Very important to respond within the first 24 hours trying to be able to make contact outside facebook with that displeased client.

You want to clarify the subject. You want to solve it by the good of your client and by the one of your business and the best form it is to establish a conversation with him outside Facebook.

I recommend to you that you try that facilitates its telephone or its email to you or that almenos is put in touch by those means with you for œseeing what we can make to solve it.

If I recommend to you that conversation is realised outside Facebook is because you do not want to run the risk that is troll or that the things do not come out well, and the reputation of your business still is seen more damaged.



#2 Pedir to the client a revision

Once you have been able to solve the subject and the client is satisfied with the explanations and/or the activities that you have taken to end, are hour to try to repair.

You must ask the client who realises a revision to his initial opinion.

this later revision persecutes 2 objectives:

  • That the future clients who read that negative opinion see that has been rectified by its proprietor.
  • That all the clients who visit your page of Facebook notice that for most important you is than your clients live a great experience in your business, and that to it you dedicate all the efforts.



#3 To be proactive and to ask opinions your satisfied clients

As in a sea without fish, a red fish (a negative opinion is read) has much visibility, you must try to fill that sea with many blue fish (positive opinions) to palliate the few negative opinions that you can receive.


For that he is very interesting that you stimulate your satisfied clients to that they leave a positive opinion you in your page of facebook.

Thus, you will be with me in agreement that if your business receives a negative opinion and only has 3 opinions, the negative consequences of this will be majors much that if that negative opinion is between 100 opinions of satisfied clients.


Therefore, you must take to the opinions of your page of Facebook to the satisfied clients, since I assure to you that those that are not it will arrive single.



#4 Construir a page in your website where your clients can send their complaints to you

A very effective measurement for your reputation online is to activate a page of opinions within the website of your business.


With this you obtain that the possible damages by negative opinions can be smaller if the opinions are administered by you, and you do not leave the management of the reputation online of your business to pages of third companies where you are going to be able to intercede much less.


In addition, with this, you are going to teach to your customer that gives to its opinion the great importance that is deserved.




Since you have been able to see, the prescription for the management of the negative opinions on Facebook is relatively simple: speed, sincerity, empathy and distance.


Often, a great number of local businesses acts closing the eyes, the mouth and the ears. That only brings erosion and thinning to them of its daily accounts.


And you, what you have done against some negative critic? You have answered or you hoped that the time takes it? What repercussion has the opinions in your relation with your clients? You foment Them?

It interests your opinion and experience to me. I wait for your words in the commentaries and the social networks.